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Isnt it funny how a resident will always find something wrong with the calendar and yet they always ask what is going on per scheduled calendar activities?


let me re-phrase.... isn't the following scenario funny??


"Social hour - 3:30 Living Room" Event


"Socal hour - 3:30 living roam" Typo on the calendar


What the residents would do "Is Social Hour and is living room nor living roam. etc etc...." but they are the same ones that would stop you at 2:50 when you are trying to finish up setting the room and ask "what are you setting up for? you tell them social hour, and they would ask you what time"


any similar stories worth sharing for a good laugh?

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One thing I have done is ask that resident to help you with the calendar by proof - reading it for you each month. That gives them responsibility for mistatkes and also gives them something to do. Makes them feel important.

Good luck!!

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