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I suggest writing one yourself. Use the standard format of the policies that are in your handbook.


At our facility they usually begin "It is the policy at the LHW that........" and the expectation is written down. Then the procedure is written as to how that policy will be met.


Determine what you want to happen regarding one to one visits. Determine the minimum frequency of one to one interaction that will meet regulation. Create the forms that you will need for documentation. Then create the means for evaluating how successfully you are meeting the policy. We recently added to ours that a one to one crafts cart would be offered as part of one to one visits.


Bring the policy to both you DON and Administrator for suggestions. I'd suggest making this a project that you can bring to Performance Improvement (e.g. Quality Assurance).


Like the first calendar and the first care plan, the first PP is always the hardest. Linda M

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