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Activiites For Apple Fest


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Does anyone have any ideas for games to do with apples? We are doing a craft, cooking, and tasting, but I don't know what to do. Anny suggestions?



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Hi Stacy, :-D

I am also doing a day of Apples and found a site with ideas for children but alot of the ideas can be adapted for seniors.Have fun! gina :-P


Great Apple Activity Ideas ~~




Apple Printing

Cut an apple in half. (make a lateral cut, separating the top from the bottom) You should be able to see the "star" that the core forms in the apple. Put some red or green tempera paint in a shallow container, (a pie tin works well) and show your child how to dip the apple in the paint and press onto a piece of paper creating an apple print.


Torn paper apples

Draw an apple on a piece of white paper or use a white paper plate. Tear red paper into dime sized bits (enough to cover your apple drawing.) Cut out one or two leafs for the apple from green paper. (Or if possible use real apple leaves.) Have your child glue the torn pieces of paper onto your drawing of an apple. Then have your child glue on the apple leaves.


Easy Apple Tree

Supply each child with a tree shape, and a red, green, or yellow non-toxic bingo dabber. Have the children put "apples" on the tree with the dabber.


Apple tree

Cut out an apple tree from brown and green paper. Glue the pieces together. Supply your child with red tempera paint, and a pencil with an eraser. Have the child make prints on the tree with the eraser to make apples. After the picture has dried ask your child how many apples are on their tree.


Apple tree Variation:

Have the child dip a cork in paint to make the apple prints.


Apple Pictures

Cut out apple shapes from white paper, and add some red fingerpaint, and let your child paint the apple red!!!


Seed Collage

Save the seeds from a bunch of apples. Allow them to dry, and have your child glue them to a piece of paper.


Easy Apple Art

Give a child a paper plate and one of the following colors... red, yellow or green. Have them paint the paper plate. Attach a paper stem to create an apple. This one is great for younger children.


A worm in my apple?

Cut out one apple shape per child. Have them use a hole punch to ahh, punch about 4 holes in the apple. Have them weave a brown piece of yarn in the holes. Them have them glue on a stem.


Worm Art

This one is a lot of fun, and has great results. Set out a piece of yarn for each color of paint you intend to use. Have the child dip the yarn in one color of paint, and run it across the paper. Use a new peice of string for a different color. For the brave... dip real worms in paint, and let them crawl across the paper. Be sure to wash them off and return them to their environment. (They usually survive.)


Pre-School Apple Tree

Cut out a huge tree shape from butcher paper. (You probably want to piece it together from many different pieces. Let the children paint the trunk brown, and the tree top green. Then cut out an apple from red, green, or yellow construction paper for each student and teacher, help older students put their names on the apples, and write younger students names on the apples. Let the children choose where on the tree they want their apple, and glue them on the tree.


Fingerprint Apples

Supply each child with a piece of white paper and red or green non-toxic stamp pads. Show the child how to make fingerprints on the paper, using only one finger at a time. When finished, add leaves with a black pen.


Paper Plate Shaker

Take two sturdy paper plates. (The stronger the better)Place some apple seeds on one of the plates and place the other plate on top of the first so that both eating surface areas are facing each other. Use masking tape to seal the plates together. Have your child decorate with markers, glitter, construction paper, or ribbons. When dry, shake. Shake to music, shake it each time you take a step. Shake, Shake Shake!!!


Apple Necklaces

Cut out apple shapes from different colors of paper. Older children can do the cutting for themselves. Then depending on the ages.. either punch holes in the apples or allwo the children to punch the holes. Then supply the children with yarn that is about 18 inches long with one end that is wrapped with a little piece of masking tape. Have the children lace the apples onto the yarn, then tie it to make a necklace.


Math, Science and Games


Apple Match Up

There are many ways to set this up depending on the skill level or the particular skill you wish to work on. Try these different set ups:

-Cut out apple shapes from different colors of paper. Give each child one apple. Ask the children to find one person with the same color apple.

-Cut out apple shapes from different colors of paper. Cut the apple in half using a puzzle type cut, like zig zag or interlocking pieces. Give each child one half of a apple, and ask them to find the person with the other half. Or Give the children two pieces and have the children make a circle, with one child that has one match on one side and the other match on the other side. You may end up with 2 or more circles depending on how the apple pieces are distributed.

-Cut the apple shapes from one color of paper. Label one set of apple with numbers, i.e. if you have 20 children, label the apples with the numbers one to ten. The other half, draw one dot on one, two on another, and so on until ten. Give each child one apple and have them find the child with their match.

-Cut the apple shapes from one color of paper. Place matching stickers on two apple. Give each child one apple and have them find the child with their match.

-Cut the apple shapes from one color of paper. Cut the apple in half using a puzzle type cut, like zig zag or interlocking pieces. Place matching stickers on each half of a apple. Give each child one apple half and have them find the child with their match.

-Place matching apple stickers on separate index cards. Give each child a card and ask them to find the child with their match.

-Try all the above, but in a file folder format. Glue one part of the apple to the file folder and laminate it's match.


Count the seeds

Before you cut an apple, have your child try to guess how many seeds will be inside. Cut open the apple and count them. How close was he/she. Write down your child's guess.. and how many seeds that were in the apple. The next day repeat the process. Compare your results. Were there more, less, or the same amount of seeds in the two apples.


Different Apples

Next time you go to the grocery store with your child. Point out all the different kinds of apples. Tell your child their names. Buy a few different kinds, and when you get home, let your child try them. Ask your child how each one tastes. Ask your child how each one is different.


Apple Sequencing

Gather three to five different sized apple. Set them on a table and ask your child to arrange the apple according to size. For younger children, you can just start with two apples and ask which is the smallest.


Apple Lacing Cards

Cut colored posterboard into an apple shape and punch holes around the edges. Them let your child lace yarn or a shoestring into the cards.


Apple Chart

Prepare sliced apples for lunch, red and yellow. Ask each child which color apple that they ate. Allow them to mark the column on a graph that corresponds to their answer.


Apple Toss

Obtain a laundry basket, or a bushel basket, and red bean bags, or small red balls. Use masking tape to tape a line on the floor. Place the basket a couple of feet away from the line. Have the child stand behind the line, and try to toss the balls or bags (apples) into the basket.


Match the Apples

Cut out two apple shapes from 4 or 5 different colors of construction paper. You may laminate them to make them last longer. Have the children pick an apple and then find it's mate. Variation: Use the same color for the apples, and draw on different designs.


Apples in the Basket

You need apples and a small laundry or buschel basket. Ask your child to place 5 apples in the basket. Count with your child as they place the apples in the basket. How many apples will fit in the basket? Have your child guess how many will fit, and then see how many it takes to fill the basket. You can also tape numbers onto the bottom of the baskets, and have your child place the appropriate number of apples into each basket.


Apple Hide and Seek

Have all the children hide their eyes while you "hide" an apple in the room. (It should be placed in plain view) Tell the children to find the Apple, but not touch it. Once they spot it they should sit back down in their spot. The first one to sit down again will get to hide the Apple.


Apple Hide and Seek

Play the game the same as above, except hide the Apple. Then tell the chidlren individually whether they are "hot" or "cold" to the relation of the Apple. Allow the other children to have a chance to hide the Apple, and tell children whether they are "hot or cold". It may be a good idea to discuss the meaning of hot and cold before you play this game.


Apple Fishing Game

Tie 3 feet of string to a wooden spoon. Attach a magnet to the end of the string. Cut and laminate many different colored, and sized Apples from construction paper (not too big though). Attach a paper clip to each Apple. Spread the Apple shapes on the floor and let your child try to catch the Apples. Have them try to catch the red Apple.. or the biggest Apple. For a twist, label the Apples with letters or numbers. Ask the children to catch a specific Apple, or ask them which Apple they caught.


Apple Shaped Games

The following games require you to cut out many different Apple shapes from construction paper. You may choose to laminate these Apples so they last longer.


Apple Sizing

Cut out many different sized Apples. Ask the children to line up the Apples from largest to smallest.


Apple Numbers

Cut out ten Apple shapes. Number them one to ten. Ask the children to line up the Apples from one to ten.


Apple Colors

Ask the children to sort the Apples by color.


Apple Sort

Ask the children to sort the Apples by size.


Pass the Apple

Played like hot potatoe... have the children sit in a circle and pass an apple around the circle when mucis is playing, when the music stops the child holding the apple sits in the middle or the "apple pie pot" until the music stops again and the next child replaces the first. You may also chant "hot apple, hot apple 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10" and the child who has the apple on 10 is in the "apple pie pot."


Pass the Apple II

For older children. Have one child hold an apple under his/her chin and try to pass the apple to a friend. You could do this in a circle or you can do a relay race where the children have to run with the apple under their chin.


Group Time


Apple Hop

Cut out large apple shapes from colored paper. Laminate them and cut them out. Place them on the floor and ask the children to hop from one apple to another. These may also be used at seat markers for group time.


Little Apple's

by Chicky-ma-ma

(sung to Ten little Indians)

One little, two little, three little apples,

Four little, five little, six little apples,

Seven little, eight little, nine little apples,

Ten red apples in the tree.

Variation: Change "little" to "red" "yellow" or "green"


The Apple Man by Chicky-ma-ma

Yes I am the apple man,

The apple man,

The apple man,

Yes I am the apple man,

Who has an apple tree.


Apples and Bananas

Sing this song:

I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas,

I like to ate ate ate apples and bananas,

( all a's pronounced with a long a as in ate)

I like to eat eat eat epples and banenes,

I like to ite ite ite ipples and baninis,

I like to ote ote ote opples and banonos,

I like to ute ute ute upples and banunus,

I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas.


This is my Apple

by chicky

sung to "You are My Sunshine"

This is my apple,

My shiny apple

It makes me happy

Every day

When I eat one

It make me healthy

Please don't take my apples away!


Apple Foods


Apples Pancakes

Use your favorite pancake recipe. Mix the batter, and then add chopped apples and cinnamon to the batter. Cook as usual. Then melt butter, and mix in brown sugar and cinnamon to the melted butter, and pour on top of the finished pancakes.



Simple, serve your child applesauce.


Fruit Salad

For larger groups:

You need:

1 apple, cored and diced

1 orange, peeled and diced

1 cup grapes, sliced in quarters

1 banana, sliced

1 cup sliced strawberries

1 cup blueberries

1 cup diced peaches

1 cup diced pears

Let your child help in the washing and peeling process, and allow older children to cut soft fruits with a table knife. Place each fruit in a seperate bowl, and ask your children to name the colors of the fruits. Place individual spoons into each of the fruit bowls, and let your children select the fruits they would like into their own bowl to make their own fruit salad. After the children are all settled in theri chairs, ask the children, "Who has apples in their bowl?" "Who has strawberries?" and so on.


Baked Apples

wash and core one apple per child. Fill the core with raisins and brown sugar. Place the aple upright on a baking sheet. Bake for 60 minutes at 350 degrees. Optional: serve with ice cream.


Apple Pizza

You need pizza dough, canned apple pie filling, vanilia icing and brown sugar. Kneed out the ready made dough and spread about a 1/2 inch layer of the pie filling on the dough and sprinkle brown sugar on top.. warm the vanilia icing and place it in a clean squeeze bottle. Apply the icing to the top of the apple pizza in lines acroos the pizza. Follow the directions for baking that are on the pizza dough container.


Field Trips


Visit an Apple Orchard

Visit a local apple orchard, or cider mill. Let your child help you pick the apples from the tree.

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Hey Stacy,

Gina pretty much has you covered but here are a couple more. You could have a apple scavanger, applr skin peeling contest etc.


APPLE Think of five or six names of boys or girls you might marry, As you twist the stem of an apple, recite the names until the stem comes off. You will marry the person whose name you were saying when the stem fell off.

An apple a day

Keeps the doctor away.

If you cut an apple in half and count how many seeds are inside, you will also know how many children you will have.



Apple Trivia Make some question up using thefacts below offer a apple prize to winner.

Canadians love apples. We eat them out-of-hand or cooked in pies, sauces and other delectables. Apples make for nutritious eating on their own, but they also blend beautifully with so many other foods, from savory to sweet, adding a unique flavor to any meal. But did you know...

Apples come in all shades of reds, greens and yellows

Two pounds of apples make one 9-inch pie

Apples are the most varied food on Earth. 7500 varieties of apples are grown throughout the world!

Canadians eat on average, 86 apples per year

60% of our apples are eaten out-of-hand; the remainder are processed

The science of apple growing is called pomology

The largest apple ever picked weighed three pounds

It takes energy from 50 leaves to produce one apple

China is the largest producer of apples. The US, Turkey, Poland and Italy round out the top 5.

Apples ripen six to ten times faster at room temperature than if they were refrigerated

Just one apple provides as much dietary fiber as a serving of bran cereal. (That's about one-fifth of the recommended daily intake of fiber.)

Apple juice was one of the earliest prescribed antidepressants.

Johnny Appleseed was a real person. His name was John Chapman. He was born in Leominster, Massachusetts, September 26, 1774.

Apples may help you loose weight. A Brazilian study showed that 300 overweight women who ate 3 apples per day lost more weight than a similar group who didn't add fruit to their diet. Researchers believe that adding fruit to the diet of the overweight women changed their metabolic profiles.

Apples bruise easier than eggs break

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