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Does anyone know the F-Tags that apply to HIPAA or breaking confidentiality? I am finishing up my MEPAP course and this is one of the ones I seem to be hung up on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I am so sorry to have taken so long to reply. I could not find the info for some time, then became ill. It has been on my mind and finally I went to our Q.A. and Compliance Officer. She, within five minutes, (errrrrrr) found this site. I hope that this is helpful.




This web site contains:


HIPAAregs: The full text of both the proposed and final HIPAA regulations, and articles that explain them.


HIPAAprimer: Learn more about HIPAA in plain English.


HIPAAction: Information on the necessary planning and implementation required to make an organization HIPAA-compliant.


HIPAAFAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on HIPAA, organized by topic, plus an extensive glossary of common terms and acronyms.


HIPAAnews: The latest news of significance to the HIPAA community.


HIPAAtech: Technologies for electronic privacy and security.


In addition, the HIPAAdvisory web site sponsors two email lists:


HIPAAlive is a busy two-way discussion list with nearly 5,000 professionals exchanging ideas and answering each others questions on HIPAA.


HIPAAlert is a monthly email newsletter with news headlines, compliance tips, and a summary of what's new on the HIPAAdvisory web site.

And don't forget our HIPAAstore with information on our upcoming audio conferences, tapes of past audio conferences, and books on understanding and complying with HIPAA.

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