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Lap-top Computers

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Hi.. one of the most important things is durable.. Panasonics Toughbook is one of the best.. they have a website to sell them exchanged and refurbished.. my husband worked at Compaq computers and he always said that the refurbished computers were the best .. not only did they get the quick test during production, but that they had failed and come back to be retested, one on one, with an expert, and every part that didnt pass was replaced ... they could not afford to have it come back again.. if it was not repairable it was thrown away.



get a laptop that has an Ethernet Connection, Wireless Ready, Camera/Picture Card Reader, Firewire Connection (video Connect) and webcam .. the wireless and the ethernet are to hook to the internet.. check with your facility to see which would work, camera reader takes the cards from the digital cameras and puts your pictures on the computer so that you can mail them to family and friends, Firewire will let you copy your video camera stuff to the camera if you want to send a small movie, and a webcam can be used for live visits with residents, family and friends (Christmas Time...)


look for a good laptop tray




What Businessweek says....



this is my opinion.. hope it helps... Pennie :(

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I have a resident who is getting ready to purchase a lap top in a few days. I will be helping that resident while making feature choices. I would never have thought about a lap tray, which for this resident, will be very beneficial. Thank you for the suggestion, links, and information.

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We have a regular PC at the facility, but I conduct my computer classes with a projector and my Gateway. It has a ton of files on it and it is 6 years old. Many who see it are amazed, so I would stand by it.








We would like to get an "Activity" lap-top computer that can be used by our residents. Do any of you have one? What is a good one to purchase? How do you manage the use of it?



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