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How to let families know

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The company that I work for sends out montly satisfaction surverys to different families. We then are required to respond to any low score. There are 2 types of residents that I consitantly get lower scores from: Ones who are there for a re-hab/short stay, or ones that are room bound due to their medical condition and get 1:1 beside visits.


The re-hab ones are in therapy most of the morning and are just plumb worn out. We ask them to join in on the activity but usually get told... Im too tired. Then when they go home their family member returns their survey and says that they never attended anything.


Does anyone know of a way to let families know that their loved one is recieving 1:1 visits in their room. We have tried calendars on the wall, no one would look at them, I have stopped in the room when I notice family members there. A lot of times it is not a Low Score but a Non/Applicable because they dont realize what we do for the ones who are unable to attend activities. One of my goals for the next three months is to better inform the families about what their family member is participating in. I am now sending out letters to the families when they get their invite to the care confrences but I dont know if this will have any affect it or not.

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The calendar for short term rehab folks doesn't mean much. You might try leaving items that have to do with the 1-1 activity in their room. Your copier can be your best friend for this. Leaving a handout of that has to do with the activity that you did will be a clue to families that you did activities with their loved ones, an example would be that is they have a favorite soap or TV show that you got some information for them or that you have small items from the activity that you let them have.


If you go in to have a "Happy Hour" with them, fancy napkins, fancy glasses or something that had to do with the theme would cue the families in knowing that you were there. Leaving a crossword puzzle from the daily paper with a pencil, enlarging the TV section of the daily newspaper with their favorite shows highlighted would also help.


Finding various inexpensive items that have to do with the theme of your visit can help families realize that you are providing activities. A cute invitation to a special event or just a coupon for a cup of coffee would let folks know that you were there.


Hope that this helps

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Hi Mandy

I would really consider that you start sending out a letter to families stating what their loved ones are doing in activities and I would say that is a great start and when those families come in couldn't you show them the resident's daily activity sheet just to prove that they were in those activities.

Also like Kate said, leaving supplies in the room is a great idea showing that you were in the resident's room doing a 1:1 activity. Like maybe let the resident do an arts and crafts project if they are able or leave behind word searches, crossword puzzles or magazines or drawing paper and markers. When families see that their loved ones have supplies in their room they will know that activity department has touched base with them. Be encouraged and everything will turn out okay.


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We always give our new residents a goodie bag when they first arrive with facilty pen, pencil, notepad, puzzle books, and an activity calendar. We also provide them with a card with our names and the activity office extension number and encourage them to call if they need anything. The bag also includes candy, snacks and a welcome card. We usually hang the welcome card on the wall and the residents are usually very eager to show their loved ones what they received. We have found this has gone a long way with letting our family members know that we do touch base with their loved one. Something else we do is to take pictures of our residents participating in group activities or working on a project during 1:1 visits and hang them in their rooms. The family can't really say anything when there is proof posted on the wall. Figure out what works best for you and go for it. Good luck.

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Here are a few options for you.


In regard to therapy, the first thing I do on Mondays is talk with the rehab lead on potential groups for the week, This is something that is usually a combo with therapy that we could potentially both get credit for in our docs. For example: each week we have a cookie social with all of the residents, but in truth...there are 5 or 6 activities going on at the same time. We may have a errand activity such as folding napkins or arranging flowers, there is a service activity , in which my high function residents will take care of 3 or 4 others, and there will be a work activity, where I will have envelope stuffing etc. All while they are getting cookies and coffee. Therapy will get credit and I will have stuffed envelopes, but here is the rub. I am the boss and I make sure that they know it. THe therapist is the good guy but they are doing OT, PT, whatever. What happens is then, I will take pictures or call the family, or make sure that they see me during the week, then I hear..."Oh watch out, here is the big boss, he will put you to work!" THen the family and I will talk about the one activity....but I get credit for it none the less.



On room visits you have many options. I have a sign up sheet or notebook with a simple note on the front that says, all visitors please let us know you were here. My preachers/priests use it as well.


In a pinch you could always put your card on the bed side table.



Let me know what you think....




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