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Handicapped Young Adults


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I need help with coming up with activities for handicapped young adults that are age appropriate. All of the young adults range from the age of 20-55. Most of them have cerbral palsy and are blind and deaf. They depend on the staff for all ADL's. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, please give them to me.


Thanks, RLC

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I know this post is over a year old...


The best things to do are sensory activities. They cant see or hear so those senses are out. But you still have touch and smell and maybe taste depending on their eating if they dont have gi tubes. I would do things like music instruments. They cant hear it but they can feel the vibrations from the music they make. Especially if its drums.


Touch items that have differnt textures. Handmassage with differnt smells. You can do their hair. Just think about anything that deals with touch and smell.

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