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I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you and tell you alittle about myself. I am an Activity Director and I have a 65 bed facility. You might think only a 65 bed facility, but here is the catch. I have two popuations in my facility. What I mean by that is I have elderly and handicapped young adults in my facility. The young adults age from 18-55. I am the only activity director to the whole facility. You might think that is simple, but your wrong. All of the young adults have cerbral plasy and they are all in wheelchairs. The majority of them are blind and deaf. They need total care even with activities. I haven't properly been trained on how to deal with handicapped young adults. I am getting ready to attend a school, and hopefully I will learn something. I have been in teh activity deaprtment for 6.5 years. I worked as an assistant for 5 years and became an activity director in the last year and a half. I really enjoy activities and I was wondering if any of you had any ideas for me. I provide sensory stimulation,music therapy, pet therapy, aroma therapy, exercise, beauty shop days, 1:1 and community outings. Myself does not feel like that is enough. I know that state is buckling down on teh regs for activities and I want to be on top of things when they come. The activity department here at my facility has not been written up in over 17 years, and I surely do not want to start now. I love my residents and want to keep them happy. Please help me!!! All of your help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, RLC :ph34r:

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