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Where are you from????

Guest Tinki

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Guest Tinki

I am curious where are members are from - tell us your city and state!!!! I will compile them for the newsletter!





P.S. The Activity Director Network is from Houston, Texas



Palm city, Florida

Okeechobee, Florida

West Palm Beach, Florida

Parrish FL but work in Sarasota, Florida

Arcadia, Florida


Lamesa, Texas

Corpus Christi, Texas

Athens, Texas

Austin, Texas


Visalia, CA

Arroyo Grande, CA




Aztec, New Mexico


Avondale, Arizona




Christchurch, New Zealand


Williston, North Dakota


Battle Creek, MI


Cleveland, Ohio


Central Illinois

Golconda, Illinois

Metropolis, IL


Racine, Wisconsin


Centre, Alabama


Tasmania, Australia

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Guest Tinki

Is everyone on this board from Florida??? Tell us where are you are from!



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Hi, Everyone I am new to this and just joined...I am from Golconda, Illinois..Pope County...A city of 750..Our facility is named Pope County Care Center...I was hired on as a housekepper and after a few months I am an activity Director..It is a challenging job and hope to share idea's with other activity director's...I am glad there is a web site that can help other's..And I am glad to stumble over this web site...If there is anyone out there needs help or if there is something that I need help in I hope to help other's....Thanks alot: Chrystal Hoyle

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