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Nusing presence on outings

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I am wondering if anyone knows of a regulation that requires nursing staff/CNA's to attend outings. My administrator has recently informed me that he attended a conference where this was said to be a regulation.

As a CTRS, I sit on both sides of the fence with this issue. On one hand I am glad that it is required as I am then given more help during an outing. On the other hand, my DON is telling me that all of my outings must have a certain number of residents attending before I can take any of her staff, therefore eliminating some of my smaller outings.

How many of you are required to take nursing staff with you? My staff are not certified nursing assistants.


Just wondering.





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I am unable to point to exactly to that regulation. I don't know how it is stated, but I do know that I will not go on an outing without a nursing staff present. We have 10 people that go on outings, and when I started outings, I made it known that they would not happen without it. We have since worked out a schedule, and I am given a CNA/restorative staff member once a week. I am however, debating on more "scenic" outings for our dementia residents, then I wouldn't be so worried about have a CNA present.

Can you administrator give you the stating of the reg?

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My assistant is also a CNA. She goes everywhere I go when we are on a bus ride and is alot of help. When we have a ride where we are taking more than one van load, I can usually get a couple more CNA's or an RN. The last big ride we had, we had 20 or so elders to go out to the local park for a picnic. I had my assistant, 2 CNA's, an RN, one of our office staff, and of course myself. When you go somewhere fun, it's not hard to find people that want to go but at least we all have fun together.

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Whoops. We are going on a walking downtown historic tour tomorrow with two high functioning, wheel chair dependent residents. It will be me (not CNA trained) and a family member of one of them. It should last about an hour and a half. No one said anything about a CNA for this. At least we are within walking distance... I wonder if this is why I am not sleeping...


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Any outside outing away from the facility should have a cna present at all times. You need to communicate these issues with Administrator and the DoN about the importance of having a cna present in the outing program.

For 1. Your Activity Director = Not a Cna

2. If a resident need to use the restroom who (maybe in wheelchair) you are not able to help that resident then what are you gonna do let that resident wet his/her pants the whole trip? That not your job discription.

3. Your job is to provide each resident a productive daily activites which includes outing.

4. Im sorry to say but limiting how many can go on trips is not gonna solve the issue... The resident has the right to attend all activities in the facility or outside trips.

5. Is your Don trying to save budget in her department not letting a Cna to assist you on outings?

6. Bring it up in the resident council meeting, the concern about how important it is having a cna on outing trips.

7. Make her respond on this issue in writing and file in in resident council.

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