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Hi everyone, My name is Dianne and I have been an AD almost 3 years. Recently moved (from no. California) to southern CA: Orange County (Tustin) CA and need to know name of area activities director organizations to join. Also would appreciate any leads/info on jobs available in the Santa Ana, Tustin, Orange, Fullerton areas. Thank you for any contact you may choose to share. Dianne

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Greetings Dianne......

My name is Miguel Sarasa and I am an Activity Director in Southern California.. I am also on the board of directors of SCAAP which is the Southern California Association of Activity Professionals, For Orange County we have the Local Association called OCADA (Orange County Activity Directors Association) They meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month @ 5pm at Hunigton Beach Hospital for more information contact Candace Bartch @ 714-964-7777.. Or you can e mail me at msarasa@thevillagehemet.com ... Hope this helps ~`Miguel`~

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Guest Guest_diannej

Miguel: Thank you so much for the info. I will call Candace. If you hear of a job opening in Orange County or near, please let me know. Thank you again! Dianne

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