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Pay Ranges

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Trying to enter the field and have no idea of the appropriate pay ranges. Anyone want to share? I live in Indiana so pay scales are quite different here than New York or California. I have no idea what to expect or ask for. Thank you.

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Hi Ya Lynn,


There is a large range of answers for this question. Like you said Indiana pays different than NY or CA.

Also others considerations come into play: Rural or City usually city pays more, Assisted Living, Long Term Care (Nursing Homes), Retirement Facility, Adult Day Care or Alzheimers Home/Facility. There are more areas but you get the ideal. Retirement Homes, theprivate ones usually pay more than say a Ass't Living. You're experience may also get you more money.

That being said, in Texas the pay has gone up since I started in this field, many many years ago. Most AD's may start off with $9 to $10 an hour.

California is so much more advanced than we are and they get paid better.

Have you looked at NCCAP.org website yet? They discuss this topic on their message board and you may find others from you area. Hopefully someone from our board and/or NCCAP will be help to you.

Hope you decide to join us others in this Profession. The pay is not always the best, but the rewards are worth there weight in gold. Once Activity Directing gets into your blood well you will be one of us forever :lol:

Let us know how it goes. Pennie

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I am taking a CNA class soon and have BS in education. I am very creative. I have taken alot of psychology and social science classes. This seems like an interesting job. Hope I get hired and they will pay for the Mepap or someone there will offer it.

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Hi Lynn, :-D

Let me start by saying the pay you ask for really depends on what type of facility and your area.

I know that alot of people believe that Ca. pays well, but it depends on were you live in Ca.,I just moved from San bernardino,Ca. and was offered $ 9.00 an hour to a job that I applied to about three months ago,and I have 20 years experience( i didnt take the job!) Im now in Arizona and have been offered $15.00 which is pretty common for an Activity Director(Ive made anything from $7.00 to $18.00.)

I hope this helps!

Have fun! Gina 8-)

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Indiana 5 years in field, Associate Degree Recreational Therapy. 2-1/2 yrs. as assistant, the rest as Director. Started as assistant at 7.25; director at 11.25; now at 11.75.

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Hi Lynn

As you can see the pay varies d/t location and experience. I am in the field 26 years now. I started as an assistant making $5 an hr. When I started as director I believe it was at $8 an hr. I am ADC certified for 24 years. I now make 48,000. Around $22.25 an hr.

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. You can always come down if you want the job.

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