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I just wanted to share an idea that has worked out well in my facility. Our local high school has an adult education program. It is funded through a grant from state of California, and all of their adult school teachers are paid through this grant. The principal of our high school got in contact with us about 2 years ago, and offered to send us teachers that could teach a variety of topics, such as Armchair Travel, Home Economics, Quilting, Arts & Crafts, exercise, etc. The end result of all of this is that we have an adult education teacher in our facility 17 hours a week that we don't have to pay for. She is amazing. It is a great idea especially when most of the time we aren't able to do everything that is required of us. I usually have my staff conduct 1:1 room visits during the time that she is here, or my staff is performing another activity so that we maximize the amount of time our residents are involved in activities. All you would have to do is contact your local adult education program and see if they are able to offer something along those lines. Hope this helps.

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