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Hourly Or Salary

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How many of you all are hourly or salary? first of all I'm salary I work long hours for our resident tring to keep the very busy and one of the big wigs is trying to say I won't get paid for the time I'll be gone because I have not finsh my 90 days I think that is a bunch of bull. What do you all think. However I do keep track of my hours by writting it done in my notebook daily

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Guest agnes

hi. i think that salaried activity directors are being treated differently depending on which facility you work. i only work 8 hours a day, sometimes i work 5 hours and still get paid for the whole day. i delegate the gap hours to my staff to keep the residents busy in the late afternoon hours. do you have night staff? it is their job to keep the residents busy as soon as they come at 4:00 pm. remember, we are still expected to run the activity room, but we've come past the coordinating days and we're more of the supervisory nature now making sure things are done the way they're supposed to be.

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Hi Dawn - I've been salary for 4 years and now, just recently they have changed things a little to where I am now "salary-nonexempt" meaning I keep track of my hours (no punch card) and turn them in at the end of the day, still at my 40 hours. Then for every hour that I work over, I only get half pay (yes, that really stinks!!!!). But at least now, I get paid for extra hours I work, which is not what I was getting before. Before, even if I worked 3 hours in one day, I still get paid for the full day. Now, I only get paid for the hours I work. Why they don't give me a punch card, I just don't know!


Good luck - rules, rules, rules!

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