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Hi All!


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Hello, Everyone, I'm from TN. I am currently an AA, with quite a large corporation, however my AD is leaving and I am hoping to show the powers that be I am the right person to take her place. I am here to get ideas to make our activities dept. one of the best in our company, if not better. I also currently work part time as a CNA with the same company. I love my job in activities, absolutely adore the patients and making their lives better. I love being someone that they recognise and like to see coming. I will hopefully be a good AD if I get the position.


Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, and it is great to have found this site!

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Guest Pat8231

Hi TNBS - Nice to have another person online with us all. This is a great site to vent (well at least I do!lol), share ideas, problem solving and ask questions. Pennie is doing a great job doing this website. Thanks Pennie. Again, welcome! Pat8231 8-)

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you'll do great if you get the job! Have confidence - that's what gives our residents confidence in themselves!

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You sound like you will be a great Activity Director. You have the right attitude. We vacationed in Tennesse a couple years ago and I loved it. Blessings.

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