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Hi all...I recently posted a message asking for some advice on resident council minutes. I went ahead and typed ours (this was from the first organizational meeting of our council...newly formed) leaving spaces for each discipline to respond to concerns. WELL...after the administrator read them she told me point blank that I couldn't put that stuff in print because the STATE looks at them. I know that, but the resident's have legitimate concerns. Now I feel like I am between the rock & the hard place so to speak. Isn't the council supposed to benefit the resident's and make changes for the better if necessary?? And, if I don't comply with our administrator I suppose I could be job hunting...I haven't been there thru my 90 day "probation" period. This just seems so underhanded to me...I mean, what is the point of even forming the council?? What would YOU all do in this situation???

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HI Laree,

Are you looking for a form for Resident Council? Doesn't your company provide one? We have one but it is ordered through Briggs. I don't think I can share it due to copy write, but I can double check for you. It is a simple form, easy to use. Takes the guess work out of Resident Council. Are you wondering how to conduct Res Council? Give me more details, I'll help you out.


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The Resident Council Minutes form address these F-Tags (Fedral Tags)

F151, 156,165,166,243-245.

The form has a place for the date, time started & adjourned

Name of Facility, Officer in attendance, residents in attendance, staff members in attendance, Minutes of the previous council meeting with a place tp check one of the 2 Were read and approved as read or were read and approved as corrected.

Old Business (List follow-up on last month's minutes and identify staff person responsible) A large area for writting info about old bus.

Then New Business (list topics discussed and recommendations) again a large area for you to write in info on new bus.

Res. Right(s) reviewed - Fill in what right you reviewed

Facility Policy and procedures developedrevised/updated in past 30 days.

Day, Date and time of next meeting:

Signature spaces for Staff rep (may be you) and Res council president.


I have this form & will fax it to you just email me if you want a copy with fax number.


I would check out the state & fed. regs find the tags I mentioned above & show the admin. Of course s/he knows these I feel sure. You may try talking to her/him about your concern about these minutes and responses etc.. how you feel stuck in the middle. Since you are new at the job chances are s/he may be opening to listening to you.

I know that state looks at these mins. but if the admin and dept heads reply back to any concerns the res. have, that they did try to fix the concern or explain why they are unable to for whatever reason, then state is OK with this.

However if state sees council mins. and never a problem on them this is a red flag to them. Remind admin. that state will speak to the res. about council meetings and they (the res0 will speak up!


I hope this makes sense to you. I know I my not have helped you out with this catch 22 problem but I hope I given you some ammo and courage to speak with the admin. This needs to be addressed by both of you otherwise you 2 are starting off on bad footing and it will only go down from here. :cry:


Best to U P

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I work in an nursing home and we too have resident council meetings. There is a fine line in how the concerns are written up since the state reviews them. I write up the concerns the residents have expressed, but in a manner that does not single out one particular bad thing. For example the residents may say something like, my call bell is not answered and I stayed wet for over an hour last night and I think someone is stealing my clothes. (keep in mind this is just an example).


When I write up that concern, I present it like this.


Resident (mr. doe) expressed concern over not being provided timely incontinence care according to his wishes on the night of 8-1-04. He also states that it takes over 10 minutes for his call bell to be answered. He also expressed concern about some missing clothing items described as a blue pair of boxer shorts and a white t-shirt.


I break it up according to which department the concern goes to and write it on a form to the dept. head along with a date that they have to respond by. We also have the residents develop a special meal during their resident council that is prepared by the dietary staff. It's served on the third Wednesday of the month.


Hope this helps. :-)

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We have an Independent Living facility, and our policy is that unless the RESIDENT puts a concern or complaint in writing, it never happened. But we document everything in our RC mtgs. One resident asked to have an additional water machine in the facility at the meeting, because the other one was always being broken by residents. So we didn't feel that needed to be written down (on a seperate form ) because it wasn't a personal complaint, it would benefit everyone. Instead, it was documented in the minutes and the next month, when the secretary read the minutes, she asked staff for an update on the concern. But another time, someone complained that her stove wasn't working and wanted to know what the staff was going to do about it. She then had to go to the office and write up a work order, and was also told that personal problems are not handled in the Residents' Council Meeting.

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Guest cindymaybe

I have a question. My adm does not want me to put in the rst council metg minutes what was actually said.


For example; a rst is comlaining that the dinning room is too conjested and there is no room for them to get out when they have finished so they are forced to stay until everyone is done or until enough are done to make a path. Instead I'm supposed to write; dinning room concerns were brought up.

Or; the council had stated that call lights are not being answered for long periods of time on the 7-3 shift. I have to write; nursing concerns were brought up.


Do any of you have this same problem? Should I be concerned about this or is it the norm for everyone? :roll:

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Yes, you should be concerned. What she has aked you to do is illegal and unethical.

Resident couuncil minutes are supposed to state the exact concerns of the residents so that hey can have quality of life and a nice environment for them to live in. There is also a follow up form that gets sent to the dept. heads that the concern has been noted and he /she is supposed to write how the problem was resolved. Try inviting the Dept. heads or nurses to the meeting and get their imput.

Good Luck. If the Ombudsman ever found out about what yor admin. is doing she could be fined.

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Guest cindymaybe

I do notify the dept heads that the concerns involve with concern slips and they are supposed to fix the problem and let me know the follow up so at the next meeting I can inform the residents at the next meeting.


I'm wondering what I should do. Should I secretly notify the ombudsmon or continue to just let it go?

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