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Guest Tinki

Big Chris,


You having some issues, maybe you need to vent!! HAHA! No biggie - I have seen the term bump on other sites and wondered it people would understand. When I do bump them back to top I try to think of something good to add. That day I knew that this was a good topic but was brain dead!!



Have a good week


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Well, we can get this going again! It will help too, since I am part of a team planning for the GA Activity Directors conference this year! We are trying to find a lot of stuff!

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I would like some opinions from you all, because I have a course on this topic and I would like to hear from you....



Please tell me your Number 1 obstacle in getting donations...........

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For those of you interested, Wal Mart has announced an initiative in which they are required to be involved in the community around thier stored. This is regardless of non profit status.


Talk to the manager of your local walmart and see if you can get on board!!



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