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hello everyone! my name is Sarah and I just started working at a 80+ resident home in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I have prior experience working in the activities department in other nursing homes but this is my first large facility. i am basically the only activities assistant. my activities coordinator and i are brand new to the facility so we as well as the residents are adjusting to the way we both do activities. my last nursing home we had one activity director and six activities aides and the residents were more along the lines of lower functioning. here in council bluffs, many of the residents are higher functioning. i'm not use to this and neither is my activities coordinator linda. some of them are looking for something to do (like chores and work type of things) rather than just straight entertainment. i'm just curious if any of you have any feasible ideas. also i need some ideas for good diversional activities that will keep their attention. and if you have any general comments, please divulge. i'm always looking for new ideas!!! :lol: thanks!

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Guest Pat8231

Hi Ladybug, Welcome! I tried giving the residents "jobs" to do (alzheimers' and higher functioning - 2 different facilities). I was told by the AD we do not do that here. I know that Alzheimers patients love to do chores in the kitchen, dusting etc. It comforts them doing things that are somewhat familiar with. I thought doing light chores would keep them busy and happy. We did have the SNF residents deliver the mail but that was it. Hope this helps,Patti8231 8-)

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Guest djcast

]Hi Ladybug - you might want to try community projects. Take the war for example,

they could write soldiers letters. Or come in contact with a children/women's shelter and they could make items for them, such as quilts, if they quilt, or an arts project for the children.

Also, try an adopt a grandparent program so that the residents could read stories to children.


Since they are high functioning, get resident council together, bring ideas to the table and ask them what they would prefer doing. Get THEIR creative juices flowing. Residents always want us to tell them what to do, but then get dissapointed when it ends up being something they don't like! Interesting, I know!


PS, I am jealous that you only have an 80 bed home and there are two of you in activities - count yourself lucky! I am in a 130 bed facility with just myself in activities! Corporte life is the pits!


Good luck!



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