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Summer Time Is Almost Here !!!!!

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Hi Everyone !


With Summer fast approaching,so comes the HEAT !!!

Everyday in the Summer I pass out cool refreshing drinks for my

residents so that they can stay hydrated.

I wanted to share some yummy recipes for cool drinks to put on a cart

and pass out to your residents.... Don't forget your Alzheimers

Residents, as they are more likely to forget to drink and in turn

become dehydrated.

Have Fun !!!!gina :pint:


Summer Sangria Punch :

3/4 cup Country time Lemonade flavor drink mix

1 quart(4 cups)cold cranberry juice cocktail

1 cup cold orange juice

1 tablespoon lime juice

3 cups cold club soda

2 sliced oranges

2 sliced limes

Stir the drink mix and juices together and then add then club soda

and fruit slices.Serve over ice cubes in a tall glass.



Peachy Iced Tea Refresher:

1 tub Crystal Light Peach Flavored Ice Tea mix

4 1/2 cups cold water

1 cup cold orange juice

1 sliced orange

Mint sprigs

Mix all together and serve over ice in a tall glass.

Garnish with mint sprigs.


Raspberry Cape Breeze:

1 tub Crystal Light Rasberry Ice mix

2 cups Orange Juice

3 1/2 cups Water

Mix all together,serve over ice and garnish with rasberries.



Sparkling Fruit Cooler:

1 tub Crystal Light Pink Lemonade mix

2 cups Pineapple juice

1 1/2 cups White Grape Juice

2 cups Water

1 sliced Lemon

Mix together and serve over ice.

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Guest Pat8231

Hi Gina, wow those drinks sure sound cool and refreshing!! Thanks for sharing them. Pat8231 8-)

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Hi Everyone,


I am hoping to have a theme day in July that centers around the idea of tropical/beach/Calypso etc. and other than booking special entertainment I wondered if you had some great ideas to share?


Anything creative in terms of decorating, or how to engage the residents (accessories, costumes, etc.) as well as games to run?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Guest Guest_Kathy

How about "Flamingo Toss"??? We use leis and set up your garden variety Flamingos and have resident toss the leis around the Falmingos....it's a team sport! We also have a plastic kiddie pool that we use as the Duck Pond....we float rubber ducks in it...have china saucers with points at the bottom of the pool and use pennies to pitch ....the resident with the most points wins a tropical prize (cheap prizes from US Toy company)...........tropical smoothies, inflatable palm trees, real coconuts and pineapples and a Hawaiian Shirt contest for all......Just a few thoughts

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I have a tropical sensory idea for you... Beach Bags! You will need a large bottle of blue hair gel, blue or silver glitter, small seashells, colored beads, fish cut out of craft foam and zip lock baggies. Have residents fill bags 1/2 full with blue hair gel (this is your 'ocean'), add small seashells, colored beads and fish, seal tight and you have a tactile sensory tool for your beach/summer day. You'll also provide olfactory stim. with the hair gel scent.

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The new Oriental Craft Catalog just came in today with some new beads, including sandal-shaped ones! You could have a craft activity making bracelets before your beach party day, and they could wear their bracelets to the party. USToys can be cheaper by about a dollar on some items, so shop around! Wonytineres, is that blue hair gel like the old "dippity-do" or fancier stuff? Could the blue aloe vera after-sunburn gel do the same thing? I love the penny-pitching in the plates!

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