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Activites For All Ages

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Hi I work in a nursing home/rehab where the residnets range in ages from 32 to 100 and the population is spilt half under 55 and half over 55. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of any acitivies I could do that both age groups would enjoy. I would like to also gett a better response from the younger ones, when they are not in thepary, they want to be left alone. I do understand they are wore out after it, but my admin. has been on me to get more of them to the activites. Any suggestions will be greatly helpful!! nisice

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Hi Nisice,

I worked in a rehab/skilled nursing facility and I had residents from age

20-100 so I do know the demands of that type of facility(It was one of the hardest places I've ever worked,the paperwork alone killed me) It is extremly hard to get the young ones out of their rooms after the demands of their therapy sessions and the older ones dont always like to hang out with the "kids".

We used to have a strolling guitar player twice a week that would go room to room and sing each resident a song( it was a hit !)We also had "Rolling Sundaes",we would get all the fixings and go room to room and offer sundaes to the residents and chat while making them.We also had Karaoke every Friday afternoon in the main dining room and would give prizes(Candybars,Sodas,Bags of Chips Muffins,etc)for the top ten contestants.

We also had a group of kids come in once a week and play board games(yatzee,bingo,cards,scrabble)with the residents in their rooms.

On Saturday Night we had a Texas Hold-um Poker Tournament with Rootbeer and Popcorn(that was lots of fun)

I say,If the residents cant (or wont) come to you,you go to them !!!

I hope this helps a little.

Have fun! gina :lol:

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