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Snoezelen Rooms

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:idea: Hi Everyone,

I was wondering how many people have heard of Snoezelen Rooms?

Does anyone have one in their facility?

If so, what do you have in your room ?

I have been reading alot on this therapy for Alzheimers patients and would like to

hear some feedback on your experience with it.


Gina :-P

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Hey Gina,

I remember that this topic was on the old message board but I don't remeber what was said :-? If I remeber correctly that I looked into this once before for a facility. It sounded great but the cost was expensive. Most facilities could not afford it or wouldn't. The bear was quiet expensive if I recall correctly. I remember reading somewhere where a facilty had done a room up in low lights, soft music, few quiet type games etc.. It was calming to alot of the residents. However I never looked into it beacuse there was not any extra space to set-up a room like this and again that money thing came up, darn. It would be nice to have the room & money to do one wouldn't it. I think maybe the Eden Alternative Homes are on the right track. I will be watching to see what kind of feed back you get on this who knows maybe someone will have the answer for you & me.

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We have a Snozeleen room. We made the room for under $200. There are simple inexpensive ways to do this. We painted the walls a pale lavendar and put stars on the celiling. We put in a dimmer switch, with an aromatherapy difusser/sound thing. We also bought the lighted objects at Wal-Mart you remeber the items from the 70's the one's with all the lights, and bubbles?

We also put in a rocking chair. It is used with residents a staff member also goes in the room with them and will do a hand massage with lavendar lotion. We use lemon-balm oil in the diffuser. The room is effective, although it works best when a resident is begnng to become anxious, not when they are very anxious. If you put some creativity, and thought into it, it can be done. Good Luck-- if I can help any feel free to email me. Ympmickey@aol.com

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:idea: Hi All,

I was just at Wal-Mart at my lunch break :-P and found a four foot high fake fish aquarium for $38.00!It has fake fish and bubbles and a light inside the tank,its long and skinny and doesn't take up much room.I am trying to build a Snoezelen Room(although I am calling it a Sensory Enrichment Center) and thought this would be great for it.They also had some tranquility C.D.s for $4.00.

If any of you have a Snoezelen room,go check it at out at your local Wal-Mart.

Have fun! gina :-D

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Sorry my connection dropped so if there are two of these i apologize :lol:


Anyway my question is what is a snoozeoleon and couldn't we create one from scratch without buying the whole darn kit that costs 4,000? I was looking at what was in the kit and thinking, wow I could pick that up at target for 4.50 and i already have aroma therapy.. and.. well you get the point.. so any suggestions? :) LOL 8-)



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Hello! You can purchase a bubble machine at one of the discount chain stores for about $15.00. CD's with the sounds of nature are about $10. A bread machine is also a good investment. A fish tank is relatively inexpensive and is also good for dementia/Alzheimer's patients. A lava lamp. Scarves. A box of beads or buttons for finger sifting. I love the idea of the rooms, now, if only I had A room to set it up!

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Guest Guest_Kathy

I have always seen these rooms as reminiscent of a Friday night in the late 60's in college at the Frat House. I picture lava lamps, swirling lights, a string of Christmas lights exposed and Iron Butterfly playing loudly on a bad stereo system. The aroma...well let's just say it was the late 60's. So I wonder why they are so darn popular!???

I would say that creating a relaxing atmosphere would be more spa like, more aristocratic library. Some nice classical music in the background, a nice glass of sherry to sip, the smell of a long ago smoked cigar and some good lighting so that you could snooze behind the newspaper. Or a nice comfy recliner, with a beer and watching football. Or a great comfy couch with a cat. I would try to make an inviting area with familiar stimulating items, smells and sounds. That would make resident calm down and enjoy themselves.

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I must offer one word of caution though. When purchasing items for your snoezlen room, keep in my individuals with seizure disorders. they are extremely sensitive to flashing lights, strobe lights, etc.

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Hello, we have a snoezelen machine on wheels. Every morning I have to bring the residents to the devotional room and set things up. We get different residents every morning. We/I also have to chart on a daily basis. One resident only comes in to listen to the music. In our dimentia unit it works to calm some of the residents down. Yes the machine is expensive. My activity director is working on getting the funds together to build a total room on the delta unit even though it will take a long time it will be worth it. Have a great day!

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Guest Tinki

Does anyone have any suggestions for Snoezelen? Or has anyone incorporated this into their facilities? If so, how did you find it to be most effective for your residents?




Just wondering?


Here are websites on the topic!






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I wondered about the seizure disorder part, Mashonda.. I have an issue with light sensitivity seizures. Our Administrator keeps talking about setting up a Snoezelen room, and I know that for residents with dementia, the lights can have a calming effect, but I don't think that I would be able to go into the room. I will have to continue researching that one.. :P

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Here's a list of items I found from the International Snoezelen Association


Snoezelen room



‚ Wide door (wheelchair friendly, at least 1m wide)

‚ Curtain (including mounting) to cover the entrance area.

‚ Good ventilation

‚ Possibly an oxygen tank (for additional administration of oxygen in the room)

‚ Colour design (off-white)

‚ Ceiling covers made of flame resistant, light materials (using a cable rod system to suspend a parachute or panels of fabric)

‚ Free wall surfaces for projections (in any case located opposite the liquid projector, slide projector or beamer)

‚ Floor covering (skid-proof, suitable for wheelchair users)

‚ Open spaces for wheelchairs

‚ Heating (Radiator covers)

‚ Heating cycle (for underfloor heating only under open spaces, not to be covered by large pieces of equipment))

‚ Toilets and running water within close proximity

‚ Coat rack and shoe shelf in front of Snoezelen-room

‚ Tactile materials (only in the entrance area or corridor)



‚ Ceiling lights (adjustable by a dimmer)

‚ Additional indirect light

‚ Pinspots (with rotating foot, one attached to each wall)

‚ Light strings, net lights (easily removable, to be used sparingly)

‚ Light elements individually adjustable

‚ All lights adjustable by a dimmer

‚ Switch control box for all electronic equipment (easily accessible - for care/instructor only, clearly labelled)

‚ Light (green/red) attached to outside of door (Signal: Please do not enter or Quiet please.)


Seating and lounging

‚ Comfortable, adapted to target group

‚ Smooth and closed seating and lounging areas (accommodating several as well as individual users)

‚ Lounging areas at different levels

‚ Sufficient cushions, blankets and furs (in all different sizes and filled with various materials)

‚ Washable covers for seating and lounging elements





‚ Framework edging

‚ Squeeze out air bubbles when (re)filling the bed

‚ Refill water and concentrate against deposit of bacteria every six month

‚ Wiring to a loud speaker for the sound-waterbed

‚ Washable cover (provide at least two)


Bubble units

‚ Unicoloured or with a colour disk (low noise emission; slowly rotating engine; pumps to be placed in such a way that they don’t cause vibrating sounds; possibly controlled bubble intensity)

‚ Possibly floating objects in the water (i.e. balls)

‚ Fill up regularly with distilled water (Algae and lime stop)

‚ 12V Safety Low Voltage

‚ Wall or ceiling fittings

‚ Mirrored background (shatterproof, firm mirror material to avoid distortion)


Ball pond (for toddlers only)

‚ Filled with approx. 2000 balls (or remnants of soft foam material, with a cover filled with little balls)

‚ Regular cleaning of balls


Mirror ball

‚ Not to be fitted at the centre of a room

‚ Slowly rotating motor (1 revolution per minute) with low noise emission

‚ Pinspot or colour wheel directed towards the ball



‚ With or without coloured filters (coloured filters can be self-made)

‚ Directed towards the mirror ball (rotating foot to lighten up other spaces)


Liquid projector

‚ Basic equipment: three changeable discs (2 Revolution per minute)

(liquid disc, cloud, sunset)

‚ Rotating foot to lighten up other spaces


Fibre-optics and/or fibre curtain or fountain

‚ With strands 3 or 5m long (adjustable speed of light)

‚ With or without colour wheel

‚ Fibre threads should not be damaged, fray or exposed

‚ Laying on the floor and as curtain (various widths, lengths, shapes)



‚ CD player and amplifier with remote control

‚ Speakers in the corners of the room

‚ Lighting controlled through sound system (can be turned off)



Additional Equipment

‚ Milky ways or star carpets with integrated colour wheel (slowly rotating)

‚ Black-light

‚ Fluorescent tubes in the entrance area or as room divider (adjustable)

‚ Slide projector (on wall mounted shelf; projecting onto the wall opposite) or/and beamer with laptop (transportable)

‚ Portable walls as room dividers

‚ Mosquito nets

‚ Little chair/step for companion to sit on

‚ Wall clock (positioned not too obvious to the user)

‚ Storage cupboard for materials, tools and sound system (white, smooth surface)


Supplementing materials for the room design

‚ Mirror materials (for walls or ceilings)

‚ A few mobiles (only to be hang up when required)

‚ Fluorescent materials (balls, rings)


Safety measures

‚ Exit marked by luminous sign

‚ Seating made off inflammable materials

‚ Any fabrics within the room (ceiling decorations, curtains, covers…) made of inflammable materials

‚ Safe distance between light elements and equipment/fabrics

‚ Fibre threads of fibre-optics should not be damaged, fray or exposed

‚ No sharp corners end edges in the room and on furnishings (corner guards)

‚ No protruding handles and keys (using sliding doors if possible)

‚ Fire extinguishers placed ready to hand next to the entrance

‚ Telephone (mobile) with emergency numbers inside the room

‚ All technical equipment marked with VDE guidelines and TÜV approval

‚ Installation of technical equipment by specialised/approved electricians (caution when using several extension leads and socket adaptors)

‚ Current partly transformed to 12 or 24V low Voltage


(Many thanks to Franziska Tag and Maria Hug for their input in updating the list.)

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You can get information about Snoezelen rooms by call 1-800-2265.6900. Just have them mail you information. The tape I received showed me all I need to do to start a snoezelen room. Now all I need is a room to do this with. LOL




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We have one - we've found that some agitated residents do find it soothing - but there are other things that have the same effect to. Soft music, the sound of music movie, a walk in the garden, 1:1 attention etc. If you don't already have it, I'm not sure that it's worth the $. It might help some people a little, but it's not a magic wand :)

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