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Guest cindymaybe

So here's my question.....

When doing your MDS in the act prefernces section (what they like, cards, crafts, gardening, etc...), it says to check the rst's PRFERENCE at the top but on the side it says to check the rst's CAPABILITY. Now I don't know about all of you but here we have rst that would PREFER to do a lot more than they're CAPABLE of. So my question is which do you check prefernce or capability? :roll:


Let me know.

Stumped in the Upper Peninsula,


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It is what they prefer. Even if they may not be able to do it. There are always adaptations that can be done so that the resident can participate. Also, you should check the preference it if it is not offered. I know some facilities do not do gardening, but it should still be checked if they like to do it. You can always care plan and work towards a goal to get them to participate in what they like.



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