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Interview Questions

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Are ADs responsible for recruiting activity staff and what questions are usually asked at interviews? Do applicants do written questions? My home has a standard set of behavioural questions which is for all the front line positions (dietary, nursing, activity). I need to design some program-specific questions. Any suggestions on must-ask questions? :-?

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Hi Karen,

I usually ask:

1) Why do you want to work in the activity dept.?

2) Can you work weekends and nights? :-o

3) What are your strengths / weakness'?

4) What do you enjoy about working with seniors? :roll:

5) Do you consider yourself a team-player?

6) Give me an example of Residents Rights?

7) What would you do to a resident that is yelling and disturbing the group activity?

8) Do you consider yourself silly or serious? Why? :-P


These few questions can really tell you alot about your prospective employee.

Hope they help.

Have Fun! gina :-)

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My suggestion would be to do a topic search on what questions not to ask during an interview. I have found that if you ask open ended questions and allow them to talk for an extended period. This way you can find out about thier personalities and what is on thier minds.



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