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Red Hat Society


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Hi All, :hammer:

I have a question..

Has anyone heard of the "Red Hat Society"?

I have been hearing alot of good,fun things about it.

Does anyone out there have one in their facility?

I am thinking of starting a group at my facility,what are some of the things you do with your Red Hat society group?

Please,if anyone has info let me know....

gina :-D

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Hi Mary,

Thanks for the info.!!!!

I am working at a senior community with very active residents and I

think that this is something that would be great for my"Red Hot Mommas"(I think thats gonna be our chapter name) any way,once again Thanks!

((((HUG)))) gina :-)

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ok I found another great site on The Red Hat Society for scrapbooking templates & name tags.

Loads of scrapbooking templates for $3.00 a set you can download them from the site and your facility can have it's own

Red Hat Society Memory Book!

The URl is


What a great Activity! Blessings, Mary

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Guest Pat8231

Hi Gina, Go for it !! I heard this society is a barrel of fun!! Pat 8-)

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At my assisted living facility, we have a monthly tea party and although it is not linked with the Red Hat Society, I call it the "Red Hat Tea Party" My ladies have to wear a hat, whatever color they want, and they love it! I bring in extra hats of my own, if they don't have one to wear. We have a great chef that puts out a great spread. :pint:

There is a woman who came to my facility "The Tea Lady" and gave a lecture and demonstration on afternoon teas and she was great! If anyone out there is in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, let me know and I will give you her number.



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Hi All,

I taught a seminar sometime back. I know abot the Red Hat Society "Red Hatters" I have always thought that they are great. So I found a purple shirt with red hats on it, bought some red shoes, a red hat & purple pants. This is what I wore to teach in. I was so surprised that hardly anyone knew about this great group :-o

I am now reading the book: The Red Hat Society, Fun and Frendship After Fifity. This is a great book. Check out this link:How it got started I want to get my mom involed with something & this sounds like just the ticket. In fact I want to join, but I am not 50 yet so maybe I can with mom & they will not notice, you think :lol:

Anyway I feel that anyone who starts a chapter in their facility will be so glad they did. It will enrich the life of so many residents & yours as well. Check out this link:How to start a chapter

If I was going to start a group in a facility I would start by read the book, then share this with a group of ladies who would be interested in joining the group,(of course this would be on the calendar, with a catchy title) then proceeed to explain what the "Red Hatters" are about & plan our name, first meeting from here. If you have a chapter in your community why not invite them in to speak to your female residents.

One of the chapters in the book reads: All people need a place to belong, a place where thay feel that thay fit in without trying to hard. The Red Hat Society aspires to be just a place for the increasing number of women who are entering midlife determined to savor every minute of their existence. Will we manage to change the world? Maybe. maybe not. But we now that we will manage to make some changes inour own lives. We are not Alone!

Alos read the poem: by Jenny Joseph: Warning

Have lots of fun. 8-)


Also here is a poem by Jenny that is for the gents, about 3/4 way down the page:

One Man's Warning

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