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I'm not exactly new here, but I'd like to introduce myself. I just moved to sunny Florida from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where for over 3 years I was an activity assistant in a 45 bed nursing home.I loved my job and would like to continue in the field, but haven't had any luck finding a position here in Florida. I will keep looking. I read the posts every day and have made some friends here. Keep up the good work. midgey 8-)

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Guest Pat8231

Hi Midgey, Welcome to the Unemployeed Club! I did have a job but I'm sure you read my posts. I'm sitting here surfing the net for jobs. Lots of places to search. Hope you find something. Pat 8-)

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Hello. I too worked at a small faciltity at one time(45 residents). I went from a 300 bed facility to 45 then to 250. Then back to the 45. Quite a shock to the system. LOL. Michigan to Florida. That's some weather change. We went on vacation to Michigan a few years back in June Sault Ste. Marie and took mostly shorts. Believe you me I froze. Also spent a summer at Ft Walton Beach in Florida & loved it. Hope you enjoy your move. Blessings. Mary

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