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Guest Guest_maria

the new act guidelines has any body gone through survey with the new f tags

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I have Maria. According to the survey team in my area, my program is one of the better ones they have seen. It is all very new Maria. The Survey Team is feeling their way in this too. Small groups are in. Customizing programs to meet the needs of the resident is being looked at carefully, how disciplines work together to enhance the lives of residents is a biggie. Resident Council should be strong and singing your praises. Assessments and careplanning is looked at closely. For example, Mike "love fishing" Jones has just been admitted to your facility. On the initial assessment, he states he loves fishing, prior to having a stroke and having his right leg amputated. He enjoyed this hobby with his children and he taught all his boys how to fish. Since these changes in his physical condition, he hasn't done much. He is in your facility for 100 medicare days. Maria, the survey team would expect you to map out a personal customized p.o.c. for this man that would help him continue to enjoy that hobby, along with spending quality time with sons. Using creativity it can be done. The effort on your part is what the Survey team would look at.

There is a special in-service via telephone on the 16th of this month--the speaker who is giving this in-service is a key person that helped with the formation of these new potential tags. I am out of the office this week----I will put this information in here next Monday for you. Remember documentation is very important. Karen :-o 8-)

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Guest 1two1

Wondering what form changes you have made to comply with the new quality of life programing/culture program? Also, do you have special forms you are using with CNA interactions? If so, would you be willing to share? What about policy and procedure changes to support this new programming? TT

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