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Critical Element Pathway Forms
The Department of Health and Human Services - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has published Critical Element Pathways (CEs) that contain guidance to assist the surveyor while investing a specific Care Area to determine whether a facility meets the associated regulatory requirements. There are currently 40 Critical Element Pathways representing a range of clinical care areas.

Each Critical Element Pathway consists of three components:
  • Guidance for observations and interviews
  • Information about how the tool is to be used
  • Procedures for the investigation
  • Did the facility adequately assess the situation?
  • Did the facility develop an adequate Care Plan?
  • Did the facility follow professional standards?
  • Did the facility revise the Care Plan as necessary?
  • Was the facility’s provision of care appropriate?
“Dementia Care Critical Element Pathway”
The Dementia Care Critical Element Pathway is one of the pathway guidelines used during surveys. It outlines the areas relative to a resident who displays or is diagnosed with dementia to determine if the facility provided appropriate treatment and services to meet the resident’s highest practicable physical, mental, and psycho-social well-being.

In its simplest form, ‘dementia care pathway’ is the term used to describe the process of care that individuals with dementia may receive; from the moment they consult their physician with concerns about symptoms such as the loss of short-term memory to dementia diagnoses to the end of their life.
Using the Form to Develop Your Dementia Program?
Given the complexity and potential range of symptoms that may present with dementia (from mild to severe decline); guidance is greatly needed through best consensus practices for screening, assessment, diagnosis, and care of the dementia afflicted population. The collection of accepted and approved standards of care have been clearly laid out and outlined in the “Dementia Care Critical Element Pathway”. Consider the elements included within this form your road map to developing a quality dementia program.  Taking time to be familiar with the information contained in this document will ensure that you are ready to meet specified guidelines and help you to feel confident and assured that your survey experience will go smoothly and result in positive outcomes.
Advantages and Disadvantages
Resident, family, and/or resident representative interviews are part of the process of investigation during this survey. It is very important for you to become the active agent to facilitate communications with all parties in the continuum of care. Failure to involve the family and/or resident in care planning and goal development will be cause for further investigation.

Critical Element Pathways assist the surveyor in asking specific questions in order to determine compliance. But it should also be used to guide staff to better understand the surveyor and survey team approach.
Surveyors act responsibly during the process of carefully observing something or someone in order to gain information and they possess the ability to notice things, especially significant details.

That said, surveyors will also take into account; a remark, statement, or comment based on something one has seen, heard, or noticed. Given the chance, make every effort to point out all improvements and enhancements that you have implemented in the development of your dementia program to ensure that the survey is comprehensive. Although the “Dementia Care Critical Element Pathway” guidelines outline the best of quality care for the dementia population; your added input and will help you to effortlessly pass surveyor inspections.



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Classes Begin Next Tuesday Nov. 2nd - Enroll at ActivityDirectorUniversity.org



Classes Begin Next Tuesday Nov. 2nd - Enroll at ActivityDirectorUniversity.org







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