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Unique Activity AVAILABLE: "As the Earth Turns" 1938 - Never Released film

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Activities, Life Enrichment directors:

I am the composer and producer of a unique never-released 45 minute 1938 silent sci-fi film, "As the Earth Turns."  The film has a a great story, fun for all ages movie with effects like "Flash Gordon" and "Things to Come".  The film is in distribution (I own it, along with the filmmakers film-estate), and I am offering virtual (Zoom) or in-person screenings  for retirement homes and communities along with never-before-seen bonus features and live Q&A.  I also have an award-winning 14 minute mini-documentary about the filmmaker, Richard Lyford, who made this film in Seattle when he was 20 years old!  The backstory on him, the film, and how I got involved is amazing!  This is a limited opportunity, and perfect for the season.  Screenings are available throughout the day and early evening (I am PST).  I have posters and PR you can print to promote your event.

If you are interested in getting more information about this presentation, please contact me.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you,

Ed Hartman



ATET virtual live ss.jpg

ATET and Blood Combined Posters 9-21-21 copy.jpg

JULIE NEW TITLE w credit.jpg


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