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Activity Directors - Free Sing-a-Long DVDs, Dick Healey has retired and put his years of Facilty Entertainment Online for all to Share, Check it Out!

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Hello, I'm Dick Healey (retired)

email address -

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdZtE1zeyQtx37D8RJV5e0A

  I have two Free hour-long entertainment DVDs (musical videos)
 suitable for entertaining  Nursing Home residents. which can be
 helpful when no live entertainer is available or Nursing Home
 entertainment funds are in short supply.These two  DVDs (musical
 videos) of 25 singalong songs and 20 "crooner"songs are based on my 25
 years of Nursing Home entertaining  in the Greater Boston area.from
 1991 thru 2016 - including Clark House (Westwood) Ellis Home
 (Norwood), Briarwood and North Hill (Needham) St. Patrick's
 Manor(Framingham),Newton-Wellesley home(Wellesley) Marian Manor (South
 Boston) and many more.

  Since i'm now 83 years old, with a bad hip, arthritis and a hearing
 aid I no longer entertain in peron, but I always enjoyed playing these
 songs and singing my favorite "crooner" songs  for dozens of Nursing
 homes residents and enjoying their singalongs and applause.
 So I decided to put together my best piano singalong songs and my best
 Crooner singing performances onto two DVD's along  with some
 appropriate public Domain images from a Bing-Public Domain images
 website and uploaded them to my You Tube website (youtube/dickhealey)
 where I have all my other (original musical videos) .

  These are available FREE to anyone who finds my website. But with the
 thousands of wonderful artists and performances on You Tube, it's
 often hard to find sites like mine without a comprehensive promotion
 effort, which I'm not capable of implementing at this time.

  So if you would like some free entertainment for your Nursing Home
 residents. checkout my
  "youtube/dickhealey"  site. I think you'll emjoy this free

  Sincerely, Dick Healey   West Roxbury,MA 02132.
 or email  at dickhealey5463@gmail.com

I'm happy to have these DVDs to offer, and I believe The Activity Directors would enjoy them, as well as any other videos on my youtube/dickhealey website.
hanks for you encouragement.
ll my videos are available FREE. As I said I'm 83 years old, retired with a comfortable pension, so I don't look for any $ for my videos, just having people enjoy my videos is reward enough for e.

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