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:hammer: Grapevine Wreaths


You will need:

Grapevine wreath(available at craft stores or walmart)

Fake flowers


Hot glue gun

Glue sticks

Scissors or wire cutters



Have resident cut the flowers off the stems(leave about 1-2 inches of the stem on )

then put glue on the flower stem and poke into the grapevine wreath,put as many or as few flowers as desired.Let dry.Then wrap a ribbon around the wreath.

Hang in the residents room. :-)

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Another suggestion for 1:1 activity:

If you have a res. who is bedfast and alert set-up a movie night.

If res has a TV w/ VHS or DVD player use it if not use the one from act dept (If you are lucky enough to have one) Rent a video that you know the res would enjoy. Next invite a few other res. to join in on the movie nite in that res. room. Have popcorn or a snack of some sort as well as a drink for them.

This is great for ladies, a good love story. I would do this in the evening around 7 pm & have the TV in the res room. I would give the tape/DVD to the nurse in charge of that res. as well as having the snacks ready & placed at the nurse station. They would start the movie & bring in the snacks. After the end of the movie the nurse or CNA would clean up & take the tape/DVD to my office slide it under the door or in a safe place for me get inthe am. I would go pick up the TV first thing next morning & discuss the act w/ res. This has always been a popular act. The bedfast res felt like she was important & hosting a party. The other res felt like they were getting a nite out w/ friends. All in all it was a great boost for everyone's moral & some even became close friends after this.

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I had what I called The Ballon Game. Each day I took a colored balloon to the residents room along with items of that color. For Instance: Monday:After a brief warm up chat the resident and I would toss the "blue" ballon around and name things that started with that color letter. I would ask the resident what foods started with "B"-bread, blueberries etc. What flowers started with "B"-bluebells etc. What animals started with "B"-Bears,Beavers etc. & name things that color: blue sky, blue eyes etc. Tuesday: Brief chat, balloon toss, show resident a tray with things that were also blue that you wear & use. Like blue comb, blue hat, blue socks,blue ribbon. Wednesday: Brief chat, toss balloon then discuss how the color blue makes us feel. Thursday: Brief chat, toss ballon then I would bring out different colors of blue paper,glue, glitter, scissors and ask the resident for ideas of what we could make and have a short craft. Friday:Brief chat, toss balloon then bring out the goodies blueberry muffins and blue kool-aid. The next week I would use the color red with the same format. The residents seemed to respond well to this game. And I was able to chart a variety of activities. Of course most of these residents were higher cognitive level that were either unable to come out of room or simply refused. Hope this helps someone. Blessings, Mary

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My 1:1 times are spent using tactile and sensory stimulation, we will chat and perhaps have a coffee whilst a hand massage is given. Careful with creams used as this can make handling cups hazardous due to being slippery.

Walks in gardens and being taken for walks whilst in chairs are also opportunities to engage in 1:1 time with residents

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For one of my 1:1's I usually go and paint her nails and she loves it. Everyone else says this lady is so mean and grumpy, but she is the sweetest little lady. She is always in a lot of pain and by painting her nails, it brightens her day and magicially the pain goes away from the short time I visit. I guess it's how you approach the residents, but this lady loves me because I take time out of my day to visit. She always can't wait for me to come back again. I have also let her try different cents of lotions and she liked that too.

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On 1:1 's


Hello, everyone...this is my first time posting so bear with me!


There are several things that we've done in my department for 1:1 visits and gotten positive responses--but one of my favorite things is what we call the Biography Project. Every month we make up a hot topic to interview our residents about--something general to which most people can relate and that is appropriate for that month. In June, we might have interview questions about their favorite summer vacation--or the best summer picnic foods. In February, we interview them about their wedding days or their first love, etc. We then type up (or if you have residents who are able to do so, have them do it) "their story" for that topic.


On the next visit, we allow them to read what was written and have them decorate their story with clip art or stickers or stamps, etc. After we've accumulated several stories-we have them decorate a portfolio in a way that is personal to them and put the stories in protective sheets and stick them in the portfolio. We got permission from some of our residents to have them on display at an art exhibit--and they were so proud. It was a great way to reminisce about their past and to really take ownership of something. Plus, this activity really took a wide arc--we were really able to build on and make each part of it something new to keep it interesting. And, on a selfish level, it also helped us to really get insight into some of these people to help develop more programs for them!!! Hope it's something that you might be able to tweak to fit your residents' needs!


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So many good ideas already. I have also had success doing a similar project to the biography project. Try it, it's so good for you and the community.


With 1:1 visits, you really need to taylor ideas to the resident. If the resident loves arts and crafts, remember that just about any craft project you do in a group can be done 1:1, so set aside enough materials for a few 1:1 visits afterward. Even if you can't get the person to do it, you may be able to show an example to the resident that will hopefully lead to reminiscing. Spiritual visits are great 1:1 activities, and you can often find church and other spiritual volunteers that match the beleif of your resident. Even someone who is comatose may benefit from a reading from a spiritual text. And pet visits would be my number one 1:1 activitiy (but be sure the resident is not afraid of the animal).

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