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Activities to do while in the same room as a belligerent screaming person (memory care unit)

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Hi everyone I’m new here I do not have a certificate but I’m currently working as an activities person  for an assisted living. I  am in the Memory Care Unit and we have a lady in the commons who is constantly screaming belligerent sayings at the top of her lungs to the staff and other residents. It’s impossible to talk over her and  I’m trying to find things I can do with the other residents majority of them are late end stage dementia or Alzheimer’s who really don’t want to do anything. I have 2-4 people that will actually do something depending on the activity and I’m in sore need of some ideas. They can’t take her to her room because she is a high fall risk.

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Hi Fireflight,

Have you tried engaging the screaming lady? Maybe giving her something useful to do, such as folding newsletters or other papers, filing random papers in manilla folders, something so she feels like you need her help. 

Have you talked to her or her family to get an idea of her interests? For example if she was passionate about gardening, give her dirt and pots, seeds, etc.

As far as the other people in the group, maybe some activities that don't take a lot of explanation: puzzles, coloring, sorting playing cards, folding towels.

Hope these ideas help!


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