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Guest Manderley

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Guest Manderley



If anyone else feels this way please reply! I took over as AD when the old one left after her baby was born. I've had about a year and a half experience as an assistant and enjoyed that very much. I'm not so sure I can say the same thing about being the AD. I'm extremely stressed out, I have no assistants or volunteers. I can't sleep at night. The 38 residents AL facility that I work at is managed by someone w/ a marketing background who's only interested in filling empty beds and making $$. I've always sort of known in the back of my mind that I'm not "boss material." I'm better at assisting someone and my current situation confirms it.

If anyone out there knows what I'm going through, please let me know. It won't help to say, "Start looking for volunteers to help you," because I'm not good at delegating tasks. I'm one of those people who'd rather do it myself to make sure it gets done rather than rely on someone else who may not even show up (that's already happened w/ the Bingo lady)


Thank you!


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Guest Pat8231

Hi Manderley, I feel the same way. I was going for my certification but changed my mind. After 3 years of trying to figure out what to do, I decided I'd rather be an AA. I am getting closer each to totally calling it quits as the AA also. I went from part time 4x a month to 2x a month (work at another job) and thinking of cutting it out altogether. Another life changing decision lol.... Pat

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Guest Guest_AggieTiff

To me it sounds like you really need some mentoring. Is there a facility in your area with a seasoned AD? Someone that can mentor you? I am not sure what company manages your facility but some of the larger companies have mentoring programs and even area managers that can support you. This is not a job that you can just jump into without proper training. I do not care how much of a "natural" you are. I came in to my position with a background in Independant...VERY independant / retirement. THis still was not enough experience for me to manage an activity department. I go to every kind of training that is offered and that I hav time for. I am very fortunate that my ED supports the furthering of my training and education...and the company helps by tuition reimbursement.


Sometimes it is not the position of being an AD that is impossible....it is the company you work for. I know you get the job that hires you but never think you are stuck in a job.... There are communities popping up all over and this is a business that is growing and will be for the unseeable future. America is getting older and living longer and the next generation of residents will demand services such as activities. The more we learn and the more specialised our field becomes, the more in demand we will be. Let's just hope the pay increses, too.... :hammer:


And I knowe that you say you do not want to hear about volunteers....but let's face it....this is part of the job of an AD (for the most part from what I hear). Once you learn how to supervise and recruit volunteers your job will be so much easier. All last week I had two lovely young ladies leading fitness and games for a few hours every morning. This freed up my time to do one:ones, budgetting, or whatever else I needed to do. It also freed up the care managers time to do what she needed to do or not work so hard at things for an hour or so....and that is important to so she does not burn out. (a care manager is the one who leads our fitness time). I do not worry so much about the weekends because I have 2 groups who alternate weekend duty and the residents LOVE it. They like me but I know they like a little variety, too. ( and they LOVE the teens that come in). So volunteers are a valuable part of your programing. It is not very hard to manage them (at least you do not have to worry about them going overtime :-D ). Once you know how to do the job properly (and this is not a slam to you....you just sound overwhelmed and might need some guidance) you will see how wonderful it is...even with all the mess we have to put up with.


This is the best job I have ever had. I really have almost no bad stress on my job (there is stress but most I cause myself with procrastination or it is good stress like planning a party). I know what I have to do and it gets done....but I did not start out knowing. Try for some mentoring and see how you feel, then.


Please keep us informed and do not hesitate to ask for help.



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Guest Guest


Don't give up just yet.I was in the same position when I took my job.I was asst for 6 weeks then the AD went to another position and I fell in to the AD position-no training, no nothing-here's your keys congrats you're now a director and a dept head have at it.Needless to say state came rolling in 6 weeks later and slammed me for everything possible.I still wasn't offered any training or encouragement just a stern warning to fix my dept! I didn't even know how to write a care plan! Yet here I am 5 years later and I still love my job and my residents. Go to all the training you can find,visit activity websites and call area facilities to talk with other directors. Work toward your certification and any other schooling you would like.Be proud of your job and let every smile and hug from your residents be your biggest reward. God bless you.




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Guest kim



I also started out as an assisstant, then was sent to a sister facility to be the AD. At first it was a little overwelming but I made the job my own. The thing I like about being an AD is planning activities for your residents to enjoy and learn from. Going to seminars and classes helps out alot to. So hang in there!! :-)

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Guest Guest_sarah

how many hours of help do other activity directors have and how big is your facility. I am the AD at a 120 bed facility and have 15 hours which 10 are weekend help.

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I am a salaried 40 hours a week Activity Coordinator with 3 Activity Assistants(36/36/32 hours per week). Their hours include covering 2 evenings a week and 10-16 hours on the weekend. Usually have 2 assistants on M-F and 1 on the weekends. We cover the 111 skilled nursing center (2 floors made up of 12 households. It is a challenge for us because all the other disciplines including housekeeping and dining have enough staff on 1st and 2nd shift to assign someone to a particular unit(20-30 residents to be familiar with).

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Guest Guest_Elizabeth

I am an Activity Assistant and work full-time 40 hours a week, Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 pm. We also have a weekend Activities Assistant who works a few hours during the week and all day Saturday, sometimes Sunday. My boss (the AD) has the same hours as me.



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Guest Guest_Elizabeth

P.S. We have 80 beds all together- 40 on AL and 40 on HC... the apartments in our LTC facility have their own Activities staff.

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Guest Guest

it would be so nice to have help, I really feel we could accomplish our goal of providing quality of life much better

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Well at my last facility I had a staff of 4 that worked 40 hours a week and 4 volunteers that worked monday thru friday 9am -5 pm (235 bed facility). Was able to get some done but not everything was done.

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Guest Laural

Does anyone have a good job description for activity assistants. I have one for director but am in need a one for the assistants, ASAP, If anyone could help I would appreciate it Thanks Laural :hammer:

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Here is one I copied from this site last year. good luck, DJ


Activity Assistant Job Description


Job Title: Activity Assistant


Department: Activity Department


Supervisor: Activity Director



Must posses a high school diploma or GED equivalent

Must have one-year experience in a recreational setting or long-term care

Must be a pleasant, creative, people person

Must have leadership and decision-making skills

Understand the Activity Director has the authority to override these rules


General Job Description:

The Activity Assistant will (1) aid in creating a remarkable activity program, (2) lead daily scheduled groups and one-on-ones, and (3) carry out various projects assigned by the Activity Director.



Job Responsibilities:

Lead daily group activities

Assist in planning the monthly calendar and newsletter

Report to the Activity Director regarding any changes with the residents' health and participation

Assist in maintaining supplies and inventory

Attend all requested in-services and continuing education workshops

Be aware of the chain of command

Abide by all policies and procedures within the facility

Perform any duties as directed by the Activity Director

Work nights, weekends, and holidays, as needed

Keep participation and/or one-on-one records, other paperwork as delegated

Must be able to work well under stress and be able to think on their feet.

Lift over 50 pounds and be on your feet for long periods at a time.




I have read this job description and understand the responsibilities of the Activity Assistant position, and agree to accept these job duties and perform to the best of my ability.


_______________________________________ _____________________

Signature of Assistant Activity Director Date



_______________________________________ _____________________

Signature of Activity Director Date

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Hi Laural,

This a great AA Job Description. Copy it & paste it into MS Word, then edit it to fit your needs.

Activity Assistant Job Description



Under the direction of the Activity Director, the Activity Assistant will assist in planning, coordinating, and implementing therapeutic activity programs on a daily basis to meet the individual Resident's needs and interests.



The Activity Assistant needs to possess the following educational and experience requirements; and support the following professional viewpoints:

 Have successfully completed or be eligible to attend State approved Activity Training Course.

 Have a through knowledge of various Resident activities, and have familiarity with Resident limitations and needs.

 Be able to work in close cooperation with the Activity Director, accept and utilize constructive criticism, and display initiative to compete activity-related tasks and programs.


Reports To:

Activity Director - First

Administrator - Second


Job Specifications:

1. Basic Skills

 Dependability, punctuality, creativity, enthusiasm, affection, flexibility, and patience.

 Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing (in English).


2. Inter-personal Skills:

 Sensitivity to needs interests, and abilities of Residents.

 Ability to organize, supervise, and direct others; assume and delegate responsibility; accept advice and consultation.


3. Mental Skills:

 Moderately complex problem solving, excellent safety judgement, have good short and long term memory.

 Good organizational and planning skills.


4. Sensory Skills:

 Constant use of sight, hearing, and speech for reading, identification, and communication.

 Intermittent use of touch.


5. Physical Demands:

 Direct participation in fine and gross motor skills.

 Performance of a medium level of physical work; pushing, pulling, lifting, bending, kneeling, standing, sitting, carrying, stooping, reaching.

 Move residents, tables, and chairs, exerting twenty pounds of force on a frequent basis, and fifty pounds of force on an occasional basis.


Essential Job Duties:

 Dependable, punctual attendance

 Assist and/or lead assigned group or one-on-one activities

 Assist Residents to and from activity programs

 Report any changes in Resident behavior, safety hazards, or procedural difficulties, to the Activity Director.

 Distribute monthly activity calendars to Residents. Post calendars on designated display boards.

 Assist with an evaluation of each resident according to his or her backgrounds, activity interests, abilities, physical limitations, and needs for meaningful activity programs.

 Maintain an up-date daily attendance chart on each resident

 Transfer and file all Residents' attendance forms at the end of the month and quarter into a designated location.

 Develop and display thematic/holiday decorations throughout the facility

 Assist in developing and maintaining an active volunteer program which involves screening, training, and supervision of volunteers

 Assist with maintaining current organizational systems or special needs lists (i.e. birthday list, different religious group's etc.)

 Attend and participate at staff meetings, in-service training programs, and other meetings as assigned

 Assist in maintaining equipment

 Flexible work schedule (i.e. some nights, weekends, holidays)

 Respect Residents and staffs privacy, no gossiping


Non-essential Job Duties:

 Ensure all Residents receive the daily mail

 Assist in the care and treatment of the facility pet (if applicable)

 Make activity announcements over the intercom as assigned.

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Guest Guest_RebeKen


I wish I had your job description for an Assistant, at the time I accepted the job of Director. I never would have taken it!

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Guest Guest_Pennie

I wish I had your job description for an Assistant, at the time I accepted the job of Director. I never would have taken it!


I am not sure if this is a compliment or not. :roll: Hopefully it was. I think that a person should be aware of what all is involved in a job up front plus there is never misunderstanding of what expected. After all there is more to our job than finger painting & playing ball. I have used job descriptions in the past that had very little information & said "others duties as assigned". Usually some where down the line you hear "but that was not in my job description". You should see my AD job description (ha-ha) later pennie

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