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My Long Term Care residents have voted at resident council to get a facility dog. I would like to know from those of you out there that have dogs, what type do you have and/or what would be the best type to get. My CEO has requested that I find out what type would be the best type of dog for long term care. The dog would be at the facility 24/7. Thank you in advance!

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Our Facility has had quite a few dogs but none better than a lab and a lab/chow mix dog we had. all rescue dogs from humane society. Great, even temperment, very mellow, and smart as hell! Just tend to get fat with all the grandmas (and Pa's) givin out treats... Good for you! Be careful.. 3 facilities I worked at the vet bills etc. all fell under activities..



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Thanks Kevin for the info! I am not worried about the vet bills. As with our aviary, the cost will come out of the long term care general budget so to speak and not directly out of my activity budget. I am just concerned about getting a "mellow" dog. The last facility dog we had, had to be "let go" because she started to turn on family dogs that came to visit. Thanks again for the information!

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Guest Tinki

Many facilities I have been to have retired Greyhounds, (they used to race). I definately think labs or goldens have the best temperment when it comes to people. But sometimes Mutts make the best dogs!


But overall you never know what you are going to when it comes to an animal. Just prepare your residents ahead of time incase a pet does not work out.



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Guest Guest_heavenstar

The Houston SPCA has a new program where it matches you with a dog available for adoption. You get a color assigned to you and the dogs have colors assigned to them and those are your choices. It is a personality/ lifestyle match. Check with your local vet, animal trainer or specialist for help. I would suggest getting an older dog rather than a puppy or young one because they tend to play rough and are not very mellow. The greyhounds are great and so are golden retrievers. The only problem with labs are that they are forever puppies! Mine is a 70lb lap dog! But mutts are great too! Just adopt! Don't go to a pet store or breeder.

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We worked with a local non profit organization that trains dogs specifically for companion therapy purposes. We took custody of our dog when he was 2 years old; the local kennel club did all the training for us. I would tend to disagree with some on the message board here, it has been my experience (Act. Dir for 12 years; I've had 3 facility dogs and 2 cats at various places) that you need to find a dog that is well trained for the population and purpose you intend for and you need to build the cost of vet bills, grooming, food, etc. into your budget- it cannot be absorbed by your current budget. The current dog we have is great- he can turn on/off lights, gently picks up fallen call light cords and is even able to 'do rounds' and has on more than one occasion alerted staff to residents who have fallen. Besides all these great practical things he is fun, loveable and extremely well trained. He is a lab.

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