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The Passing of Kathy Hughes, ADC One Word "Dedicated"

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Dear Students,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved instructor Kathy Hughes. She was our loyal instructor for 11 years and we have grown exponentially due to her expertise and passion for the Activity Profession. Kathy's whole life was her students and it showed. She dedicated herself to her classes, to attending conventions and furthering her knowledge for the benefit of all. We already miss her dearly. Due to Kathy's passing all courses will be placed on hold until July 7th while we initiate some big changes that we feel will benefit our students and the entire industry.

We will be updating all of our curriculum to meet the standards of the National Association of Activity Professional Credentialing Center (NAAPCC). They are the choice of Activity Professionals for Board Certification and are the only credentialing body for Activity Professionals that follows the standards set forth by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). NAAPCC offers an all-encompassing certification to assure an individual is well rounded and prepared to work in any long term care, adult day program, assisted living, in-home program, senior centers or retirement community. Becoming Board Certified demonstrates that the individual has the knowledge and ability to provide high standards within any geriatric setting. NAAPCC follows FTags 658 and 680 and is accepted by CMS.

We feel this transition is more pertinent then ever as the world is being rapidly changed by our shared experience with the COVID Pandemic. This new process will allow you to move more seamlessly and easily through the certification process, it will reduce the out of pocket cost and allows your hard earned experience to count towards your certification, eliminating the need for in person Practicum work. We see the changes happening in our industry and our so excited to be a part of this positive movement.

We invite you to call (1-888-238-0444) with any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have. We will be sending regular updates and calling each one of our active students to personally discuss their path forward so that this transition is as smooth as it can be. We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support and we appreciate your patience while we make these necessary changes.
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My goodness, just read this, this is so sad!

She left a deep impression upon me as she taught the online classes . Always was supportive, constructive and full of expertise, I will dearly miss her!

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  • both post support for the NAAPCC Credentialing Center
    Comments From Students
     Thank you for correcting the information that was released. I recently took the test for certification with NAAPCC and it was a very comprehensive and thorough test. It was not a simple easy test to get you certified. You had to know the information in order to complete and pass. I would recommend this avenue to anyone especially if finances are a struggle for MEPAP I & II. I did purchase the book for long-term care seventh edition and without that I would have struggled.
    Connie Gangwish, AP-BC Colorado
    reprinted with permission

    To: Activity Directors Network
    Celeste is awesome!! Anytime i have a question she gets right back with me and she is very informative. At first I didn't know if i was going to like the new course just for the fact my MEPAP course was the own pace and I work Full time plus have 3 kids. But i am loving it! It is very structured and with due dates I feel like i am holding myself more accountable for completed assignments sooner than later. It has actually been a beneficial change for me.. Thanks so much!!!
    L Williams reprinted with permission

    To: Activity Directors Network
    Good Evening I wanted to let you know that I had completed mepap 1 and had only a couple weeks left of mepap 2 so I had looked at path 2 and have taken the activities test and passed so just sending in the application. I wanted to thank you for giving all your time to us even while Kathy was ill. It didn't go unnoticed, you was a great support and helpful at ideas or even different ways of changing thoughts to positive while feeling defeated. Thank You Stacey Passa AP-BC
    reprinted with permission
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