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I am a masters of gerontology student looking to become an activities director. I am looking for a position and not having much luck. :hammer: I don't know where the best places to look are, ie in the newspaper or on websites. I have tried both and not found any jobs listed. If anyone has any suggestions, it would be much appreciated. thanks, Nicole

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What state are you looking to work in? Have you checked the job board on this site?


Just so you know AD jobs aren't always on the market...I recommend typing in the following when looking online...activity, activities, recreation, activity director, volunteer coordinator, activities director, lifestyle coordinator.


I check careerbuilder.com, monster.com, yahoo hot jobs, local newspapers online.


You could also try sending your resume to different places even if they aren't currently hiring. Not every facility will place an ad when an AD leaves because they may promote from within. However, if you had recently sent your resume to a place and their AD leaves, you may get a call.


Don't forget to check the following places for an AD job...nursing homes, assisted living facilities, independent living communities, retirement communities, and alzheimers/dementia/memory care facilities.


Hope this helps.

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Guest Guest_AggieTiff

Everything mentioned is GREAT advice. I found my current postion (what I say is my dream job) on monster. I had forgoten that my resume was on there and got a few calls from Admins from new buildings calling to see if I would like to meet with them....so they seem to look on Monster. Also, go to your local AD meetings. We always anounce curent openings and you can also network because someone always knows someone who needs somebody (lol). When I was searching I had an admin call me because he heard from his current AD that I was looking...so you never know. Get your name out there. VOLUNTEER at a facility to get the experience......book learning does not always equal experience. Plus you get some ideas to take with you for when you do land your dream job and someone (the AD at the facility you had volunteered with) to have as a mentor.


Good luck to you. This is a WONDERFUL career, for the right people.



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Hi! I know it seems like activity jobs are few & far between, but you will find one:)

I'll tell you my story...


I was very frustrated with my previous job and put in my 2-week notice. My goal was to find a job in activities within a week so I wouldn't run out of money right before the holidays:). I applied at every nursing home, rehab center, assisted living, etc... even if they weren't hiring.


I went to apply for an activity assistant position (although I really wanted a director job, they only had posted an assistant position) that was in the paper and online. I turned in my app, and they seemed very interested, but I was hesitant because it wasn't full-time. I had heard that their AD was new and wonderful, so I figured it would still be a good oppertunity.


A couple of days after I turned in my application, the administrator called me and told me she had heard through the grapevine that the assisted living I had previously worked for had 'lost' their AD and she was very interested in hiring me.


I went the next morning for my interview and found out the new AD had put in his notice. So I got the AD job!!!


There is often a quick turnover in activities, so I'd apply everywhere you can think of. They will call! I've had 2 more calls since I took my new job for interviews for activity jobs! If you live in Ohio, I can give you the names of a couple of places that are hiring:)


I wish you luck!


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