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Quarantine Ideas

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Do you guys have any fresh and new quarantine ideas? I am doing Hallway Bingo, coloring, painting, we are polishing nails and reading books already. What are you guys doing that is different?

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Hi.. we have a new CEU Author on Activitydirector.org/classroom, Gloria Hoffner, and she has written a course called "Science for Seniors" .. amazing stuff   .  If youre looking for a different type of Activity... this is the best Ive seen.   Gloria has been doing Science projects for the elderly for years, she has books and how-to's and Now .. a NCCAP preApproved CE Course.. Check it out  ...  

Please report back  and share...

thanks Pennie



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Great ideas! I like using virtual jeopardy and  word competitions to engage seniors, residents and students in isolation/quarantine.

For example, you can give everyone a word and have them write down as many words as they can find/make with the letters in the word. Whoever finds the most words gets a token or star, for example. Choose a new word for the activity each day and then, at the end of the week, the person with the most token wins some sort of reward or prize.

I like this activity because it's a great way to exercise the brain and (re-)recognize common letter combos such as consonant and vowel pairs, patterns, prefixes, and suffixes.

I actually recently created an anagram solving guide detailing helpful strategies to reorganize words to form new words. You may find it beneficial when explaining the exercise and providing tips: https://www.crosswordsolver.com/anagram-solver/unscramble-letters-guide

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We have a facility wide quarantine so I'm kind of at a stand still with ideas.  I am new to this facility but not the job and it is hard because I know nothing about the residents here and the staff are already worn out.  Somebody help me please!

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