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July Activities


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Memorial Day~

Flag Day~

Fourth of July~


With all the patriotic holidays upcoming here is an easy,colorful treat to share with your residents or make with them for cooking class.


~Red,White and Blue Fruit Salad Treat~


Toss in fresh lime juice and garnish with mint,a combination of juicy strawberries,diced apples and fresh blueberries.Mix well and spoon over vanilla ice cream or pound cake.

Enjoy ! :-) gina

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Hi All,

I found these colorful wind twirlers on the Family Fun website and

thought they would be great to make with my residents for the fourth

of July,I made a sample one and it looks pretty cool.

Have Fun ! gina


Fourth of July Twirlers:


One way to show your patriotic colors is to hang an array of these

red, white and blue twirlers from a window frame, tree, or front






• Plastic coffee can lids

• Marker

• Scissors

• String

Time needed: Under 1 Hour





Step 1:

To make one, use a nail to poke a hole in the center of a plastic

coffee can lid.

Step 2:

With a marker, draw a spiral that starts 3/8 inch from the hole and

gradually extends to the rim, then cut along the line with scissors.

Step 3:

Knot an end of a piece of string, thread the other end up through

the hole in the center, and the twirler is ready to hang up and spin.


To spin, grasp each one at the bottom, twirl it around and around

until the string is wound tight, let go and enjoy the show.

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:hammer: Uncle Sam Pin




Pin on a patriotic face that's sure to stand out in any Fourth of

July crowd.







• White craft foam

• Scissors

• Markers

• Wooden craft spoon

• Googly eyes

• Cotton balls

• Glue

• Self-adhesive pinback

Time needed: Under 1 Hour





Step 1:

To make one, cut out a basic Uncle Sam style hat (about 2 inches

tall and 1 inch wide) from white craft foam.

Step 2:

Use markers to color the brim blue and to draw red stripes on the


Step 3:

Glue the hat to the handle of a wooden craft spoon (if necessary,

first use scissors to trim the wooden handle so that it's shorter

than the hat).

Step 4:

Glue on googly eyes and a cotton ball beard, then draw on a small L-

shaped nose.

Step 5:

Attach a self-adhesive pinback (sold at many craft and bead stores),

and your Uncle Sam pin is ready to wear.




Have fun !! gina :-D

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Hi All,

Check out these great sites for Fourth of July....

(You have to type them into your brouser box because the links will not work)

http://www.symbolicproductions.com/America/flash/flash.html- A beautiful video of America the beautiful

http://www.brownielocks.com/godblessamericaWAVE.html- God Bless america by Celine Dion



Have Fun! gina :-D

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Does anyone have any idea what I can do for Ice Cream Month in July? I work for a ADHC. I have a couple of ideas like making their own ice cream with ice and a plastic bag, Root Beer floats, Ice cream B-day cake for everyone in July. But WHAT else is out there to do???? CAN YOU HELP ME???????

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What about an ice cream sundae party,the residents can make their own sundaes?Get all the fixins'and let them go at it.

Or make ice cream cookie sandwiches.Get oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream. Very fun to make and to eat!


Word Games:

Write ICE CREAM on a white/chalk board and have residents come up with different words from that word, divide the room in half and make it a contest to see who can get the most words!

Ice Cream Word Search link:


How many Flavors?

Pass out a blank sheet of paper and pencil and give residents a set time (say two minutes) and have them come up with as many different flavors as they can write down in two minutes. Give a small prize to the winner.


Ice cream/ Banana Split scavenger Hunt:

Give residents a magazine and a list of items to look for thru the magazine. Example:

Hot fudge,Carmel,Whipped Cream,Cherries,Vanilla ice cream, Bananas,Nuts,etc.


Hope these help....

Have fun! Gina :-D

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One of the activites I do for Ice Cream involves the family, staff & volunteers.

I ask everyone to make their favorite homemade ice cream. I ask that everyone please call that plans to do this so that I know how much I should make. I hold this event on a weekend during the day, attendance is high! I start making ice cream on Monday and make it up to the day of the event. Be sure that you hang signs up and let it be known that everyone is welcomed to attend.

You could even have a contest for the best, most unusal etc.. have the residents judge it.

Of all the years I have done this the residents love the coffee ice cream best, hands down!! Could it be the generation that we are working for have a love for coffee 24/7 ;-)

Let us know what all you come up with and which ones worked best etc..

Stay cool P

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I've done two different activities that have worked well. I bought banana boat dishes from DQ (inexpensive) and we made banana sundaes with all the toppings. I also bought a rain gutter and my maintenance man put caps on the ends for me then we had a five foot sundae. The residents loved it. I invited the press for marketing.

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Guest Guest_angeliquepache

Anyone have any ideas for activities that I can do for the 4th of July. We are having our celebration the day before and I need some ideas for activites that I can do....i got balloon volleyball but what else can i do????? THANKS

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Guest Guest_Tinki

Red, White, & Blue College


# Poster board

# Magazines

# Scissors

# Glue


Instructions :


# Before hand, cut the poster board into a large star shape.

# Then gather tons of magazines and scissors and gather the residents around the table.

# Ask the residents to search through the magazines and cut out objects that are solid red, white or blue and then glue all the pictures on a large poster board.


taken from ActivityDirector.com

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Guest Tinki

Our 50 States


Description : -Here is a great game to play with your residents and staff members!


Materials :


# Two large maps of America

# Markers


Instructions :


# Make two large copies of a map of America and cover up all the states names.

# On one side of the room have all the residents and a leader to fill in the answers.

# On the other side of the room have all the staff members and a leader to fill in the answers.

# Then have a competition between the residents and the staff to see who can identify all 50 states the fastest.

# The winners either get prizes or bragging rights that is up to you.


taken from ActivityDirector.Com

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July Is National Ice Cream Month. We each year build a 10 foot long ice cream sundae. We use a plastic gutter from a hardware store and cap both ends. We wash the gutter or run it through the dishwasher in the kitchen. We place it on a long table and line the residents up. We put hair nets and gloves on every resident that is sitting at the table even if they aren't helping. I do this so that if they decide to join in they will be ready. I then give the residents ice cream scoops and let them put the ice cream in the gutter. It usually takes four gallons of ice cream. Then I give the residents toppings in squeeze bottles and let them add the syrups. Then the get cans of whip cream and cover the top. Then we use sprinkles and add cherries to the top of that. It looks so good when it is finished make sure to take lots of pictures. We also invite local news and newspapers to come share in the fun. We have been on channel 10 news and in the local paper twice. That is always fun for the residents to be able to share with families and friends.

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