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Thoughts, Ideas, for Corvid Quarantine

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Hello fellow Directors,

As we all know how hard it is to think of different activities with the limitation of no group activities, so I thought we could share what we doing in our facility with one another. I have attached the weekly Calendar I am hanging up & going by to share.

Corvid Calendar.docx

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Added Activty Calendar

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I handed out 1 and 2 pound dumb bells and got with a physical therapist to get some upper body exercises and walked room to room and asked residents who would like them to help keep toned , a lot of them wanted them , more then i thought. i also went around and did beauty shop day curled hair did nails. one of my residents said it boosted her morals 75%. yes i sanitized everything in between uses. but their use to going to hair salon. I try to keep thing normal.

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I don't know how many of you are looking at FaceBook at this time but there are so many clever AD's out there. I am loving the ways they are doing the "Carts". For example: Coffee & Donuts, Happy Hour, Easter Cart, Bread Cart (this one was very clever, she actually baked bread on halls & then put fresh bread in cups & passed out to residents in their room. The smell!). Another thing I thought was clever was asking family members to come by & bring the kids. They (the kids/family member) stay on outside of facility & resident on inside. They face each other & using painter tape make a tic-tac-toe pattern on the window. Each person has wipe & write marker (You can place a basket of these on outside of facility) they play a few games. However one of my tabulate favorite was this: A resident was sitting in the facility at a window with a cell phone & her family member brought her lawn chair & sat on the other-side of the window with her cell phone. They sat facing each other & had a conservation.

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