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Activity Directors Network - Here is a Checklist for Infection Control to Make sure your are in Compliance During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Do you have questions about infection control procedures?  questions about masks, gowns, respirators, gloves and visiting room to room?
This document outlines the Guidelines CMS.gov has issued to State Surveyors concerning State Inspections For Nursing Homes During the COVID-19 Outbreak.   F-880
Take a minute to read the document and Print out Pages 10-28, the Nursing Home Checklist Tools, to help you evaluate your facility. 




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Pennie, this is another great article. I have downloaded the summary attached on this forum. This COVID-19 has us all upside down. This is a great tool to evaluate. 

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As far as having a group activity this varies from facility to facility. Some are not allowing any activities outside of the residents room. I have heard from a few AD's where they are allowed to have a group activity as the area they are holding the activity in is a large room & they are able to keep residents the required 6 feet apart. But none are allowed to have more than 10 residents in any type group activity. The biggest thing on FB for a while was the hallway actives, however it seems that it is mostly a thing of the past too. The best thing at this time is to follow the procedure that your facility has set in place. 

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