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Sing A Long Video for Your Community


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Hi Everyone, 

I am a professional entertainer based in Michigan.  While we all weather this time of crisis you may be interested in flexibility with how you entertain.

I offer you a video that is ready to play and can be easily tested without having to set up a bunch of technical equipment.  It plays just like a Youtube video (it's on YouTube, in fact).  It features get songs that I have hand picked from my list to be a fun mix for your community.  I realize that many communities are refraining from group activities.  This video can be played for individuals and groups. Anywhere that there is internet and the ability to play online videos.  

I'm aware that everyone's budget is slightly different, so I am offering this as a pay what you can.  You can contact me at robcrozier123@gmail.com with interest. 

The link will be live for one month before I rotate in a new video.  Also, let me know your thoughts about how I can directly serve your community.  I'm happy to set up 

appointments to live stream to whomever has that technology figured out.  I look forward to hearing from some of you!  Be well and take care.  

Free Gift for All of You! Here is my St. Patrick's Day Video!

All the best, 

Rob at Rob Crozier Music and Eventjazz

734-271-5980 call/text



Rob solo 2.jpg

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