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MEPAP-1 Final Practicum Chat

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Hello Sanyasul, I am joining you on this assignment . I am available for chat Monday March 23rd 6:30pm is this a convenient time for you?

I am planning a July 4th Parade with the staff for our residents to enjoy. One of my many jobs at work is planning, organizing, implementing activities for our staff

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That sounds great spankylee99! Thank you! I'll meet you in the Chatbox at 6:30pm tomorrow! I'm a volunteer at an assisted living community. I work in another field right now. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go back to my assisted living community. I can't wait until I'm able to become an Activity Director, and I appreciate you being a part of my journey. 


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Hi Nicoled, I live in Texas, which is in the Central time zone. I don't know which time zone Spankylee99 lives in, but I can meet with both of you either way. Thank you! Thank you!

See you in the Chatbox Monday  @6:30pm EST

Sonya 😁


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Good evening y'all!  I am an Activity Director at a 60 bed SNF in SC.  Our special activity that we are planning, and will I hope our quarantine will have ended by then, is a Senior Citizen Prom for National Nursing Home Week.

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The 4th of July out door parade watch the activities department is planning for is having our residents start from now making a list and discussing with us what they would like to make for the parade route. This is something we do every year. Our community center and surrounding neighborhood  walk up and down the streets with floats etc. our residents will have the projects they made for this parade sitting in their wheel chair on the sidewalk grassy area  

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