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Hello my fellow activity professionals, my name is Alexandria Kolb, I am currently taking the MEPAP1 course and working my way into becoming a certified activity director for my facility, I currently hold the position as the director and my facility is allowing me to work and take the course. I have worked at this facility since 2014, and was an activity volunteer from 2008-2014 when i got hired as a caregiver. My mother is the activity director for our south cottage building, I was raised around activities in skilled and assisted living facilities. I look forward to learning more things and enhancing my knowledge.

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Hello everyone My name is Sherrington Rolle ,  I'm new to this network forum, I was taking the MEPAP course for certified activity director for my facility. Due to COVID-19  I need to finish up my last part of the final packet. I really enjoy working with the resident.

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