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Activity Directors LA, CA - March 15th, Lunch and a Show - Follow the Laughter.... Dia Dhuit!

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Hi Everyone!!

Well it's only three weeks from today for our Great Irish Show of the Year! I can't wait and I hope you can't too! Ticket sales are percolating and I hope you've already got yours cause they're going to go very quickly when all our advertising breaks loose shortly in advance of the Holiday..!

As you know from reading my letters we'll have an Irish Fiddler, Irish Step-dancers, an Irish Mandolinist/Banjo Player and of course our almost all Irish Comedians.. ! So get ready to have a Very Irish time!
And don't forget if you're celebrating a birthday to tell us when making your reservations..we love celebrating birthdays!!

Did you know that Blarney is as old as the Irish? It is only in relatively recent times that it acquired its own shrine in the Castle in County Cork. Each year some 70,000 blarney believers climb 120 feet in search of eloquence and hang upside down to kiss the stone.
It is said that it will endow whoever kisses it the eternal "Gift of Gab". The seat of eloquence is a non descriptive block of limestone about 4 feet long, one foot wide and 9 inches high said to be worth about thirty million dollars. Who Knew?
Did you also know? That there are now more Polish people in Ireland than there are native speakers of the original Irish language Gaelic.
Or that..
The largest town in Ireland is Drogheda, with a population of 40,956 (up 6.2% since April 2011)
A motorway in Ireland was delayed by 10 years and then rerouted to protect a tree that was thought to belong to fairies. Think that Los Angeles would ever do that?
and lastly.. for my dog lovers..
Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest dog breed in the world.
I've seen them they're huge!

And your lrish Limerick for the week is..

Cosmetically Lil of Kilquade,

Had beauty that ne'er seemed to fade,

When tanned by the sun,

She looked twenty-one,

But she looked fifty-six in the shade.

And now an Irish Toast!

May all the Leprechauns be near you to spread luck along your way, and may all the Irish angels smile upon you on St.Pat's Day!

My Toast..
Have a great week and smile upon all you meet!


or Mise Le Meas! (Sincerely in Gaelic)

I Live to Laugh!

Bonnie Barchichat
Executive Producer
Senior Comedy Afternoons.com GO HERE FOR TICKETS!
714-914.2565 Or CALL!

P.S. Please share this email with friends who can use some more fun, laughter and sociability in their life.

P.P.S. Sponsors.. If you're Senior Friendly and want to meet our Audience here's your opportunity! Drop me a line and say "tell me more!"

www.Here's the Proud Bird!

O Lucky You Postcard 2020
4O Lucky You MENU 2020

Don't forget to email me what you'd like to have for lunch! All orders must be in by March 9th!

O LUCKY YOU 2 March 15 2020-1

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