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Car Show Community Event

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Hello everyone I am Nicholas McNutt. I work at The Heights in Broadview Heights, OH. I am an activity assistant working toward my AD certification currently. 

The facility I am working in has recently been bought out (since I began there in July). With the previous owners there was an annual car show community event held in the summer which community members, family members, staff, and residents all loved. After 3 years of not hosting this event we revived it in this past August! It went well as we had great hosts, plenty of classic cars, prizes galore via raffle tables, 50/50 made a killin', and we had some good food & music. To be honest I have never been a Car Show kind of guy but the residents LOVE this event and already are asking about this years for 2020. 

I was just sharing and looking for any fun or whacky suggestions from people who may have held a Car Show at their community/facility. 

SOME IDEAS I'VE PONDERED ON: Hot dog eating contest (or some other food), Whacky waving inflatables, karaoke, live music rather than DJ, model car or R/C car vendors, Race car photo op, big rigs, motorcycle show.  

Thank you to anyone for suggestions and stories, much appreciated! 

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