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New to ADN MEPAP 2 and Need Help!


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I am brand new to this online course and am a bit confused about the forums, etc.  I have been an activity assistant for 2 years and just finished MEPAP 1.  But my administrator had me take it through another company (not ADN) and it did not prepare me for MEPAP 2.  The first written assignment - I have no clue how to answer and I asked my director and she didn't know because she hasn't taken MEPAP 2!  I feel like this is not going to work unless I find a textbook or something!!  

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Hi. the MEPAP II Week One has to do with the State Survey. Your facility should have a State visit every year.  The Instructor first asks you to read the CMS.gov webpages on How the State Survey is conducted. Next she shows you 7 Assessments that the State Surveyors will use to determine if your Activity Program is meeting the needs of the Residents. QIS Survey, Resident Interview, Critical Pathways Questions (Questions the Surveyor will ask him or herself about each Activity they observe.)  After you study the Survey Procedures,  the Instructor presents you with a Sample Deficiency. fictitiously written up about your facility and asks you to write up a Plan of Correction using the Audit Tool Form    ...    What tasks are you going to provide to correct the deficiency?   The Sample said the Activities did not meet the needs of the resident, the paperwork was old and so on...   One task can be to address the paperwork,   How long will it take?  1 Week,  ,   Who needs to be involved? Dietary, Admin, AD    how will you know its being done and its effective?  care planning, progress notes...    

You should know this procedure backwards and forwards when in charge of the Activity Department.   Contact the Instructor or her guest instructors for help..  All of their names and email addresses are listed on the top of the your classroom.

Can anyone else add to this?  Does anyone have a good plan of correction to share..    

thanks Pennie..


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