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Activity Directors LA, CA - It Happens in 48 Days - Follow the Laughter.... Dia Dhuit!

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Hi Everyone!!

Or, As the Irish in Ireland say "Dia Dhuit! (May God Be With You!)

I hope you're all having a great day wherever you are while you're reading this..because as we all know as evidenced by the sudden loss of Kobe Bryant that tomorrow is not a given..! So let's all make the best of every day as I try to do and live in the present..! Most problems are fears of the future. Or worries from the past. If you live in the present they don't exist. In the present you're alive as you can be.Your decisions are spontaneous, your heart is open. Your spirit is free!
Let's Enjoy Life! The time is Now! And let's not think about our looming health crisis either with the Corona Virus.. can you believe that some people actually thought that it was caused by beer???!

That really made me laugh!! I'm sure sales of Corona's went down for a time..Enough doom and gloom!!

And speaking of the NOW tickets are NOW on SALE! Ahead of my aforementioned timeline of tomorrow..February 1!
So.. feel free to go to my website or grab and envelope and let's plan on seeing each other on March 15th for a fabulous celebration of LIFE and LAUGHTER!!

It's all set, you'll hear a masterful Irish Mandolinist/Banjo player upon entering, the room will be in Oh So Irish Green.. you know how i love to decorate! And then you'll be entertained by our wonderful Irish Dancers and our jaw dropping Irish fiddler and then our Almost All Irish comedians..'cept for Marty Ross who's as Irish as I am! Not!

Nevertheless let's hear from you.. yes, group discounts apply for tables of 8 or more!

I'm very excited to be bringing you this show as we can all use a great afternoon of fun.. and did i also mention prizes!! We'll have some of those too from our wonderful sponsors..!

Irish Fun Facts..
Did you know? Ireland is responsible for a lot of inventions such as Color photography, Whiskey Distilling, Ejector Seats, Guided Missiles, Guinness, Hypodermic Syringes, Modern Tractors, Tanks, TransAtlantic Calls, Flavored Crisps, Portable defibrillator and Rubber-soled shoes. Bet you didn't know that.. neither did I!??!

All for now,

Have a Great Super Bowl Weekend!


or Mise Le Meas! (Sincerely in Gaelic)

I Live to Laugh!

Bonnie Barchichat
Executive Producer
Senior Comedy Afternoons.com

P.S. Please share this email with friends who can use some more fun, laughter and sociability in their life and then please feel free to give me physical addresses to add on to our growing mailing list. Who doesn't like mail!?

P.P.S. Sponsors.. If you're Senior Friendly and want to meet our Audience here's your opportunity! Drop me a line and say "tell me more!"

www.Here's the Proud Bird!

O Lucky You Postcard 2020
4O Lucky You MENU 2020

Don't forget to email me what you'd like to have for lunch! All orders must be in by March 9th!

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