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MEPAP1 Final Practicum


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 I really did enjoy the class  and the work    But for me its been a struggle because I got hired as activities director and then they put me in the class the very next day.  I have never done an online class so it took some time for me to get used to it, Plus I can't get internet at my home so I  have to come into work to do all the work including chats. It made for very long days  that's for sure.  But once I was able to get into a routine and I really enjoyed it.  I think i'm going to be missing it once its over.  


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I know what you mean. I started as an activity aide almost 2 years ago and got the offer to take over for the director after a year. she is still over seeing everything until I am done with classes and my C.E. it has be a little overwhelming at times but very rewarding also

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