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A more efficient way to chart

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I am currently working at an ADHC facility in California. We have 84 participants on roster, and average between 68-70 daily. I have no program aides to help me with the paper work. I am trying to find a more efficient way to do my flow sheets as it currently takes my whole day just to finish them for the day, and unfortunately, I cannot do this as I am responsible for quarterlies, six monthly care plans, initials, designing and executing activities calendar for two groups, and other things like party planning and decorating. I am drowning here, and my boss can't/won't hire anyone else. Any tips or templates on how I can make my daily flow sheets less time consuming? Thanks everyone!

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Try not to over think it..  I had a couple of changes that always saved me,  One was,  I talked my admin into paying me to create my calendars and newsletters at home on my computer.  He approved 6hrs a month  on my check and that helped.  Second was , when I created my activities calendar, I printed one extra for each resident, On the extra copy I would put a blank so that I could put a residents name and room number on the copy. In your case I would end up with 89 resident calendars in a folder, stapled together, that would go to each activity. Each resident in attendance would have their calendar activity highlighted to show attendance, non attendance due to vistor,  participation level  Red Green Yellow  highlighters add a Blue and make your own color legend. Its a fast way to document who was in attendance, include notes.

At the end of the month you have your attendance records and data for your careplan and progress notes. Each calendar for each resident in the folder will reflect the entire months attendance with notes, most can be documented with a quick swipe of the marker

Here's a sample 3200.docx

hope this helps  Pennie


We create a monthly calendar and newsletter available for download each month.  Its a Membership, 9.95 month. http://activitycompanion.com You can use Printmaster or OnlyOffice free online to load our templates and edit to fit your facility.

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