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Resident Computers


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Hoping some of you may be able to offer me some suggestions. My budget is due Monday for the new fiscal year and I am planning to put in a request for a traveling laptop computer for resident use. A few questions... does anyone else have a laptop available for resident check out? If you do what programs do you have on the laptop i.e. Word, Excell, Games, etc.? I am planning to provide wireless internet access on the laptop however I know my CEO will want a plan/answers as to how I am going to control/stop nursing staff from using this. Any help would be appreciated. We already have a computer lab on our CCRC campus for our independent living however this will be dedicated to our SNF population. Thanks!

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Guest Kate AA

This is a fabulous marketing tool for your SNF. And what a great job for a teen volunteer this summer! I would definately get a printer as well for the laptop. I have quite a few residents that have e-mail addresses so that their families can keep in touch! Imagine sending an e-mail to grandpa and being able to get an e-mail from him! Take digital photos of grandma at an activity and be able to e-mail to their families! Plus with a wireless network families can bring in a laptop and share info with their loved ones. And it is FREE here! So residents and their families are enjoying themselves and finally the grandkids can be "kept busy".


Its a marketing tool that will assist the residents and families to keep in touch and a teen volunteer can spend the summer taking the laptop around and setting up e-mail addresses for the residents. (Just a hint- keep a small book for writing down e-mail addresses and passwords for each participating resident as we all forget!)

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Guest Guest_sergio

My residents use a desktop, as they don't travel much. To keep the staff from using it, it can use a password system for each and set user accounts for each of them, or you can use a key stroke logger to moniter the times people log on and where they visit or you could simply put a sign on the computer the it is for resident use only and anyone caught using it will be disiplined.

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Guest Guest

We also have computers for our participants. We ahve set up e-mail counts for them so they can e-mail family or pen pals. We have 2 computers taht is avilable to them only after lunch since we have so many activities going on. The workers can also us the computers but only before work, lunch, after work, or if the center is already cleared out. We also have a where the people who are unable to type can speak into the microphone and the computer will type everything for them. we have where the participants have the same username and password and we have that posted on the computer. Most of the employees have their own username and password if they have a work e-mail. If the workers don't have a work e-mail which about 10 of them don't since there's no need for them to they have to use the username and password the participants do. It hasn't been a problem at our site with employees and participants wanting to use it at the sametime or employees hogging the computer. You just have to set rules and stand by them.

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Guest Tiff

I think a webcam program might be fun for the residents. They can witness a birthday party of a grandchild or other family event that they might not otherwise attend. Just be sure that you splurge on a good program so there is no "fuzzy" video....nowadays these are not very expensive.



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Guest footloose

i brought up web cams a while back and my facility was concerned about hippa laws to you have any info or how did you approach your facility....

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