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:lol: Hi Everyone,

I am a new member just joined, and love this website. I work in a 30bed high level aged care facility. I am looking for any input as I have a couple of dementia residents who wander and are fully mobile but will not settle to do any activity, just cry and continually want to go home. Have tried dusting, sock sorting, rolling wool etc, seems to be gone beyond that stage, but is still actively trying to go home.

Help :roll: Marian

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:-) Hi marian, I'm pretty new to. A week or so.I work in an 80 bed long term facility in Iowa. (you know-where all the tall corn grows) ha-ha. I have a hard time with ........YOUR TIME. Anyway welcome. I don't really know my way around this site real well yet,but it's an interesting place. Have you tried scrap-books with your resident?We have tons of them filled with everything familiar. From baby's to animals. Our Altzheimers residents love them and it seems to have a calming effect.We have a ladies unit and a mens unit. We have some that are more men oriented( tractors- cars -tools etc.We were very fortunate to have about 14 of them donated just recently.They are beautifuly done. Or have you tried animals? I realize you can't have them there all the time but hopefully you can find someone who will help you out on a regular basis. I wish we had a unit cat. I know a lot of places do but our administrator is alergic to cats.(to bad)It's hard to say what one person may like but I have a lady that likes to dance.Not lively music .More like soothing music with a rocking motion. Do you work alone ? If you write another message you can answer that.Hope something clicks for you.Can you say G-bye like you do G-day? Alwaysfun........Mary

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Guest Guest_marian

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your reply. Scrapbooks seem like a great idea. Have tried the rocking chair, but the resident wont sit for any length of time. Yes Im sure you could say g.bye if you like. Great to hear from you as I am still trying to find my way around the site too. How do you manage to get around all your residents. I work on my own, with some volunteers.



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:-) Hi Marian,Good to hear back from you. There are 3 of us in our act. dept. I am an act. coordinator and I have a partner(coordinator). We work under our ad. We share the week. Me half and her half. We also share the other events ie facility b-day celebration.Evening acts. I've been there 4 years. She and I were hired the same day.It's really worked out beatifuly.It's a pleasure to work with such a creative person.I love going to work. Even though we aren't working at the very same time we are pretty-much in tune as to how we do things. By the way - The "rocking motion ' I mentioned isn't in a rocking chair. I put my arm around her waist like in dancing. And rather than taking steps, it's a rocking and swaying motion to the music. I think the physical contact calms her. I hope all will come together for you. I also hope everyone on this site doesn't tell me to get off and get lost because I'm not a Director. I'm so enjoying this place. So many different views and ideas.When I get here I can almost smell the creativity.I also love to see people helping each other.I will look for you Marion......Alwaysfun....Mary

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Guest Pat8231

Hi, I'm not an AD either, I enjoyed the exchange between everyone here. Pat 8-)

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Hi Marion,

I've been working with Alzheimers residents for over 19 years(when i first started in the biz. the residents were known as having Organic Brain Syndrom/Dementia),not alot was known about Alzheimers or what to do with the residents.Now we are so lucky to have the internet and classes and workshops :-) .

I know that the job that we do everyday is so challenging and draining,but also so rewarding.Have you tried a walking group?We had a few residents that were always crying/yelling out and we would take them out and walk around the block and come back and then listen to soft music.We also had a lady come in to volunteer and she would dance for and with the residents,the residents LOVED it.

Also,have you tried animals( I think always- fun mentioned this too)We had two white rabbits that the residents could take out and pet anytime,they really responded to the rabbits.Lastly,have your residents been checked lately for a uti (urinary tract infection)?I've noticed that alot of dementia/Alzheimers residents that cant really make their needs known tend to get infections and often it goes unnoticed till it is painful for them,and since they cant make their needs known they just cry or yell out.Well, just remember that what worked one day,may not work the next.And have fun,We have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!!!! :-D gina

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Guest Diana Reser

Hello, I am really in Social Services but have been given the job to help co-ordinate a new program for our alzheimer's unit. After attending an in-service last week, we are in the process of making up some "theme boxes" for the residents. Some of the themes are: cooking, sewing, vacations, wedding, music, baby, gardening, sports. Each box would enclude items that they would have used growing up or in their early adulthood. My nursing home was wondering if there was anybody interested in sending us a postcard from your area for our vacation them box? If interested, please send to: Woodland Manor, 343 S. Nappanee St., Elkhart, In., 46514. Thank you in advance for your help. If there is anything we can help you with please let us know. Sincerely,

Diana Reser, Social Services

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